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yes there is - I've been hammered with personal things and work is nuts trying 
to clear
3 NASA projects.  You think rockets can be tough, REAL rockets is tougher!

I'll send out a full report this weekend when I get a breather.

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  Any recent updates?
  Is there anything the rest of us need to do at this time?
  -Fred Shecter NAR 20117 (L2)

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  > Hi Team!
  > Great fun at the TARC finals in Virginia with the best weather ever!
  > I talked with Trip and Mark B, changing the code to redefine the
  > current model rocket parameters is the likely best course of action.
  > Using TARC and the limits that California places on STEM students
  > is the angle we should use.
  > I also spoke with Marion Blakely and she fully supports this effort
  > and has offered the support of the AIA membership.
  > I've had a good response from my assemblywoman Toni Atkins'
  > office and will meet her chief of staff in San Diego this week.
  > DART member Mike Fuller is a patent attorney here in San Diego.
  > His initial input was that the code was enacted in the 70s as a
  > response to some need. He will research the historical aspect
  > of why and who got the code revised to define model rockets
  > then. Getting it changed will need to take those parties into
  > account.
  > A quick look at the 1970-1974 Estes & Centuri catalogs
  > (THANK YOU ESTES & SVEN!!) Shows that the heaviest
  > rocket kits were the Saturn V's at about 280 grams. 3 Cs
  > would bring it to around 355 grams flight weight. The
  > Omega with the Cineroc might have been more.
  > I am making this my summer project. I will post news
  > as get it. We'll get this done.
  > Ad Astra my friends,
  > Mike Jerauld
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