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Good news Mike, thanks!

I agree with the coma part. :-)


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On 5/1/12 6:36 PM, "mjerauld @dslextreme.com" <mjerauld@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Team,
> I contacted State Senator Christine Kehoe's office today and her Chief
> of staff (in San Diego) told me they would be glad to help guide us to
> the right representatives for the effort.  The legislative submission
> window has expired but she said getting in the proposed legislation
> over the summer would put it first in line for the next session.  She
> asked to be forwarded the proposed changes.
> I haven't read Fred's proposed text yet - I will tonight.  I'll be
> blunt - generally that kind of language puts me into a coma (not your
> fault Fred - it's just the legalese).  Can those that thrive on that (
> and you know who you are)
>  pick it apart and apply a devil's advocate view?  I always suspect
> Murphy lies in wait.
> Mike Jerauld

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