[rockdev] Re: Lives Per Day

  • From: IamRobertB@xxxxxxx
  • To: rockdev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 07:50:53 EDT

I don't see why there's even a reason for lives per day. As I recall, it was 
just to keep certain players from spam-dying to reach lvl 0. Other than that, 
lives per day is just an annoyance, not necessary at all. Especially since we 
have turns to limit time spent on a char.

But as for #2 and #3, Newbies should be exempt, to get used to how Rock works 
and all without frustrating them too much (we all died a dozen times a day 
when we first started). Arenas are seperate completely from the game, and 
should be with lives as well (you don't use turns in arenas, shouldn't use 
lives either).

Just my two cents

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