[roc-chat] ROC Recovery Event V Reminder - please RSVP!

  • From: Rick Dickinson <rtd@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 30 May 2012 14:14:05 -0700


It's been three weeks, and I've only received a few
replies so far. Please RSVP soon so that we can plan our quantities of
food, etc., for the party. 

The basic party details are: 

Saturday, July 7, 2012
        * Starting at 1:00 PM
        * Ending whenever the
evening's poker game finally breaks up
        * At the home of Rick and Lisa
Dickinson in Van Nuys, CA (near Victory & Woodman, if you need cross
        * BYOB
        * BYOSwimsuit and Towel
        * Food, water, and regular
& diet soft drinks will be provided
        * Families and Spouses are
        * Please RSVP (and let us know of any dietary restrictions or
food allergies)


 - Rick Dickinson 

On Tue, 08 May 2012
16:22:52 -0700, Rick Dickinson  wrote:  

It's that time of year again
-- time for the fifth annual "ROC Recovery Event". 

Sending out these
invites individually is always a pain, and I always end up forgetting
someone. Also, last year I ran into limitations on the maximum number of
email recipients when I tried to cc: everyone on a single invitation,
and once I broke it up into multiple emails, I still forgot to include a
few people. 

So, this year I decided just to send it out to the whole
of ROC-Chat and ROC-Announce, and let the invitee list work itself out.
We'll see if that turns out to be a good idea or not. 

Here goes: 

I know you, and you consider yourself a "ROC Regular", then you are
invited. If you've ever been to my house before, you are also invited.
If you're a "ROC Irregular", that works, too (most of the ROC "regulars"
are just about as irregular as it's possible to be). Basically, I want
my friends to come over and relax around the pool and hang out somewhere
a bit less dusty than the lake bed, and without the pressures of working
range duty or the Registration table, or witnessing certification

I think that covers just about everyone.... 

In any case,
this year's pool party/barbecue at my house will be held on Saturday,
July 7, 2012 -- one week before the July launch. The party starts at
1:00 PM, and goes until whenever it ends. The traditional poker game at
the end of the party typically finishes fairly late. 

Spouses and
families are, of course, welcome. Bring your bathing suits and towels --
it's not much of a pool party if nobody swims! Bring sunblock, too --
odds are it'll be a hot, sunny summer day in the Valley, and you don't
want to burn. 

Please RSVP, as we're going to need an approximate
headcount to plan quantities of food, rent tables & chairs, etc. We'll
be providing food, water, and soft drinks (regular & diet). If you want
something stronger, it is BYOB. If you have food allergies or other
dietary restrictions that we need to know about, please tell us. 

details will be coming as we get a bit closer to the date. For now, just
let me know if you can make it, and mark the date in your calendar.


 - Rick Dickinson 


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