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Those squares have been privately held for at least 20 years, if I remember the 
land records that I have. 

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On May 9, 2012, at 6:49 PM, David Erbas-White <derbas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 5/9/2012 5:05 PM, Allen H Farrington wrote:
> Allen, first off, thanks to you (and the rest of the Board) for all the great 
> effort and work that you put forth on behalf of ROC. The following rant is in 
> no way directed at anyone in ROC, or associated with ROC, I just have to get 
> this off my chest...
> In looking at your attached maps, it appears that three of the four 'squares' 
> that make up Lucerne Dry Lake have been purchased by private parties. WTF??? 
> This area has been held by BLM, in trust for the public, for decades, and has 
> been used for recreational purposes for as long as I can remember. When, and 
> how, did the BLM get it in their heads that they could/should sell these 
> lands to private parties? When/where were any hearings held for interested 
> public members to comment about how keeping these lands public serves a 
> PUBLIC benefit?
> I've been pissing/moaning for years about how the decline of the educational 
> system has been degrading our culture. I've been equally pissing/moaning 
> about how governmental regulation has been doing the same. But now, on top of 
> this, we see this type of handling of public lands?
> I'm so made I could... I could... well, I was going to say "spit," which is 
> what my grandmother would have said, but somehow it just doesn't seem harsh 
> enough...
> David Erbas-White
>> For everyone interested, here is the actual plot of where the traditional 
>> ROC range head is. We will issue more later but rest assured that we're 
>> trying hard to minimize the change to the membership. This change was 
>> prompted to keep most of our recovery area on the BLM "square" of land (#26) 
>> thus limiting our incursions into privately held land. We're trying to 
>> minimize our incursions on the private land in order to prevent the need for 
>> insurance certificates, permission, etc… (per NFPA&  CA law, not BLM rules) 
>> for launching operations.
>> Based on what we're planning, other than getting to the range head, there 
>> should be no changes to our camping or OHV policies.
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