[roc-chat] Re: Fin Jig for Large Daimeter Airframes - 5.5 inch diameter or larger

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Here's one I put together.  Some MDF, all thread, a roofer's square (I think
that's what it's called), some aluminum angle stock, and clamps.

A few cuts on the table saw, cutting the motor tube diameter into the base
and top tube clamp with a circle cutter, screwing the aluminum angle to the
roofers square, and using a square to check everything.  Had to cost less
than $50 and an afternoon's work.  I've left out some minor details, but it
should make sense.  Should work for as many fins as you allow clearance for.

That's a four inch fin can in progress.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

Chris Munson 



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Does anyone have thought and advice on use of fin jigs (to hold fins
straight while under construction) for larger airframes (over 5inches in


*         Can you buy them if so what sources?


*         Other options?


*         Necessary & How Valuable?






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