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  • Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2012 13:31:29 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks Jack, I like that idea. 

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Subject: [roc-chat] Re: Electronics Bays

Hey Dave
               Make your boards and all thread all the same and just remove the 
board and leave the e-bay in the rocket since you have a 2”, 3”, 4” e-bays for 
each rocket unless you want to remove them for future rockets but it is easier 
just to remove the board to each rocket and have your e-bays permanent.
Jack G
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Yes, you are right on with what I was asking. I do want to switch electronics 
back and forth. It sounds like you do not favor gluing one end cap on 
permanently on the ebay? I assume this is advised to keep anything getting in 
from the ejection charge. Seems like it could be sealed some other way. I would 
actually think that a tight fit inside the main body tube would be sufficient.
From:Rich Silva <richsilv@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Monday, June 18, 2012 10:32 AM
Subject: [roc-chat] Re: Electronics Bays
Hi All… (No its not a Ghost!)
Your questions are a bit hard to answer without seeing more of a design… But 
here goes…
With (at least) three projects (I assume all trading the same electronics back 
and forth) you want to use screws into nuts/screw-certs to mount your E-tronics 
into your airframes… How you build that “mount” in the airframe is up to you…
But, give some thought to modularity and accessibility… You’ll want to use the 
same electronics in all your projects (kind of… we all end up buying more and 
different as we learn and take on new challenges), so keep that in mind… You’re 
also going to need enough access to get your tools, fingers, hands, etc into 
that e-bay to mount things and or to test/check them when something isn’t quite 
right and you’re standing at the rails in the heat and they want to launch the 
Personally, I’ve always liked the PML CPR design… At least as a model… I’ve 
built a number of their CPR-based kits… and also scratch built a number of 
projects depending on use electronics that have their “mounting ends” on them….
No, you are not then forced to use pistons… Nor even the PML charge holders… 
Its just a design idea…
But modularity and re-usability are the keys…
Hope that helps!
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Subject: [roc-chat] Electronics Bays
I have three rockets with diameters of 2", 3" and 4". I have purchased 
electronics bays for each. I want to get started experimenting with the 
electronics so I was thinking about setting up the 2" rocket with one or two 
altimeters, then do the timers, etc. before I put electronics into the 4". 
There's obviously not a lot of room in the 2" but hoping I can start with that. 
My question is this: should I secure the ebays with rivets or screws or should 
I glue them into the bodies? I kinda want to leave myself some options while I 
get the electronics down and dont have ebays permanently fixed. Is this a good 
or bad idea?
Also, some of the ebay mfrs also talk about gluing one end of the ebays caps 
permanently to the ebay tube. Do I want to do this or leave both sides free (no 
glue) for easier access? 

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