[roc-chat] Re: 18mm and 24mm E, F, and G motors

  • From: Mike Riss <rockt_dude@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2012 17:46:08 -0700 (PDT)


Two of my favorite rockets are V2's and Nike Smokes.  I saw Steve Trammell with 
a Quest Nike Smoke that he had modified for 29mm reloads.  So, I bought a 
couple of kits and made one 29mm since I had a bunch of E16's and E23's, and 
one 24mm for the E9.  Some nose weight was required, but they both fly great.  
I got some V2 balsa nose and tailcones from Balsa Machining Service, and made a 
1.6 inch with a 24mm mount for another great E9 flier, plus the E15.  I also 
had a Vaughn Brothers Blobbo with a 24mm mount that flew well on the E9 and 
E15.  Haven't been brave enough to put something like an F or G in them yet, 
but Steve does that all the time.  IIRC, he had a downsized Goblin that he flew 
last month on an F or G, and even got it back!

In addition to checking the CG with the larger motors, also consider 'chute 
size to make sure it's right for the weight of the larger motor.  And, you 
might need to upgrade the shock cord and 'chute protection as well.


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From: Brian Morilak <brian.morilak@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [roc-chat] 18mm and 24mm E, F, and G motors
To: roc-chat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Sunday, August 5, 2012, 10:33 AM

Hey rocchat!
For the next couple launches I am going to start eeking my away into the 
high(er) power regime and noticed that although all of my rockets have 18mm and 
24mm mounts, there are various motors out there of these sizes that are also F 
and G.  I am interested in trying out these motors, namely if the on-site 
vendors have them, or if I can order them from some online locations. I'd be 
using them to 'overclock' some proven capable Estes models, such as the 
Bigdaddy and the Fatboy.   Any size recommendations to use in a model like this 
that are known to be 18 or 24mm?


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