[rmaexpress_help] RMAExpress 1.0 beta 7

  • From: Ben Bolstad <bmb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: rmaexpress_help@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 16 Feb 2008 09:04:08 -0800

RMAExpress 1.0 beta 7 has been released. As usual it can be downloaded


Changes since 1.0 beta 6
- Improved speed ups in background correction and quantile normalization
routines. This affects both RMAExpress and RMAExpressConsole. 

Example running RMAExpressConsole with 20 Human Exon arrays, full time
for reading in all data, full RMA and wrting output to a text file on my
machine (using exactly the same input/output settings):
(1.0 Beta 6) 11m45.212s
(1.0 Beta 7) 9m55.966s

- Allow minimum of 1 array in buffer (previously could not go below 5)
when selecting Preferences. This will help keep memory overhead down and
is most useful for the larger arrays.

- Version 4 of output settings for Console application has been
introduced. This adds the ability to modify the buffer settings.

- Console Application prints out more details on what was read from
input/output settings files to the screen.

- Add PS file support to RMADataConv. This allows the creation of CDFRME
files for a pre-specified set of probesets, rather than everything
specified by the PGF/CLF file. An example usage would be to create a
CDFRME file that would allow you to restrict analysis and all processing
to just the core exons for Human Exon arrays.

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