[rmaexpress_help] RMAExpress 1.0 beta 5

  • From: Ben Bolstad <bmb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: rmaexpress_help@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2008 22:23:26 -0800

RMAExpress 1.0 beta 5 has been released. It can be downloaded at:


Changes since 1.0 beta 5
- Support for parsing PGF/CLF files in the Data Convertor application.
These can be converted into CDFRME files which may be read using the
main application. The goal is to properly support exon and wt gene
arrays via this method. In the past these array types have been
supported using CDF files. However, the CDF files for these arrays (as
opposed to regular 3' expression arrays) are considered unsupported by
Affymetrix, and in the future I will not make any effort to support them
for RMAExpress.
- CDFRME and RME files may now be read intermixed with any other format
of CDF and CEL file using the "Read Unprocessed Files" option in the
File menu. In the past these had to be read in using a separate option
in this menu which has now been removed.

- The 0.5 release version remains the stable version while the 1.0 beta
X series are developmental releases. However, 1.0 beta 5 may be stable
enough for regular use and we are near the end of this development cycle
(in terms of version number, perhaps not time).

- Remaining features to be implemented before 1.0 Release
   -- Addition of PS/MPS parsing support for the Convertor application
   -- Efficiency/Stability enhancments.
- Please feel free to send bug reports and feature requests as needed,
either to the mailing list or me directly. Only minor feature requests
will be incorporated before 1.0 Release.

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