[riscosweb] Browsers not responding to charset=ISO-8859-2

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  • Date: Tue, 14 Nov 2006 14:28:55 +0000 (GMT)

In article <4e859df9f2smartgroups@xxxxxxxxx>, Tim Hill
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> > On 14 Nov, Russell Hafter - Lists <rh_lists@xxxxxxxx>
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> > > But it seems totally the wrong way round to me.

> > Me too. I'm starting to get quite confused by all of
> > this.....

> So am I. Just checked two other hosts and neither sends
> charset information by default. I would imagine this
> setting is intended for somebody serving their own tiny
> site, all with the same charset pages.

> What's the point otherwise?

Quite. I am glad, though, that I am not the only one who
thinks this way!

If the list of entities at
<http://www.w3.org/TR/html401/sgml/entities.html> was more
complete in terms of Eastern European characters, we would
not have this problem at all. For some reason only &scaron;
and its upper case equivalent exist. No &ccaron; or &rcaron;
or &zcaron; or &ecaron; or &ncaron; let alone &sacute; or
%cacute; or any of the unusual (to us) Polish characters!

Why just &scaron;?

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