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I enthusiastically second the motion to invite Jay back for another lecture!

On Mar 29, 2012, at 2:03 PM, robert.zoerman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Friends;
> I recently purchased a package deal where I received about 17 DVDs from Jay 
> Sankey.
> In my humble opinion, this guy is a absolute genius! Reviewing these DVDs 
> just further proves it for me.
> So much really, really good stuff.
> The package also included an eBook; BEYOND SECRETS.
> I am about ½ way through the 256 pages of incredible insight and advice on 
> performing magic.
> Hence, I’d like to share a tip….
> Buy his book, BEYOND SECRETS at the link below.
> It will prove to be a great investment that I am certain you will not regret.
> http://www.sankeymagic.com/detail.aspx?ID=48050
> Dave: Can we get him back for another lecture?
> Don’t trust my advice on this book?
> Check out these reviews:
> ·         "This is quite easily the best magic purchase I have ever made. It 
> is more valuable than any trick available. This book dissects the art of 
> performing, and it does that very well. Jay offers his knowledge and 
> experience, attempting to make you look outside of the box, not an easy feat, 
> but he clearly knows what he is talking about. No written description or 
> video demo will ever be able to do this book justice, it is just a 
> masterpiece and for anyone serious about performing, this book is a must. 
> Thank you Jay!" -Simon H.
> "This book is just AWESOME. I've read quite some books regarding magic, but 
> this one is without a doubt the very best I've read." -David M.
> "Just finished reading ”Beyond Secrets” and everything you say about that 
> book in your promo video is true! I was impressed by all the sheer wisdom you 
> have packed into those 182 pages! I know I will be a better performer from 
> now on just from having read your book, as you touched on several aspects of 
> our art and craft that I had never offered much thought."-Arnstein G.
> "This amazing book is one of the best books on the art of magic I've ever 
> read. The book gives you loads of information, but best of all, it really 
> encourages you to think and decide how you will view and utilize magic. 
> Simply incredible."-Casey G.
> "It can't get any better. I looked at this book and in the blink of an eye I 
> knew it was my bible." -Russell M
> "This book really gives magicians of any skill level, the insight needed to 
> perform, write scripts, and understand why they might not be getting the 
> reactions they expect. A DEFINITE must-buy and a well-written, funny book 
> that's absolutely worth the investment." -Luke D.
> "I've only read the first 24 pages and already I know it's going to be an 
> awesome ride. I can't wait to finish the book and absorb all the insight 
> Sankey has to share with us!" -Tyler R.
> "This book is the most interesting and informative book on the art of magic 
> that I have had the pleasure of reading. If you're at the stage where you 
> want a magic book that offers you a deep look into yourself and where your 
> magic fits in with the world then this is the book you need. Four stars." 
> -Max R.
> "This is a great book about magic theory, right up there with Strong Magic by 
> Darwin Ortiz. In my opinion, this is a must buy. Highly recommended!!!" 
> -Gerard D.
> "I thank Jay Sankey for expressing what I have believed and opening my eyes 
> to other concepts which will greatly aid my ongoing professional career. I 
> read the book once with my eyes and soul open and read it again with a 
> highlighter in hand. It is that valuable and powerful. If you care about 
> becoming a better magician, a stronger magician, you MUST have this book." 
> -Larry C.
> "This is seriously an incredible book on magic theory. It's focused on and 
> only on IMPROVING your magic. I really, really, really recommend you buy this 
> and make notes while you read it. Because there's so much to remember!" 
> -Ahren P.
> "Sankey is a genius. This book is incredible. It covers a lot of topics and 
> you really gets your money's worth. It's definitely one of the best books I 
> own."-Robert A.
> "I seldom read books, but I was forced to read this book cover to cover. I 
> feel like he wrote just to me when he wrote this book. I cannot recommend 
> this book enough. -Girolamo B.
> "Buy this book and respect its contents and you will be able to fulfill your 
> magic dream." -Kristian G.
> "I figured this would be an interesting book to read and then put on the 
> shelf to collect dust. WRONG. This is a great book on performing and 
> practice. I haven't finished but I still can't believe how amazing it is. I 
> give it 10 out of 5 stars!" -Ty J.
> "This is a great book. I have only read the first 10 pages and I already wish 
> I could shake Jay's hand and tell him how much I appreciate what he had done 
> for all magicians. Teaches you essentials that you will help you perform 
> better and better every performance." -Mitch M.
> "Beyond Secrets by Jay is beyond good. After reading the first couple of 
> passages I knew this book would change how I thought about magic and make it 
> more enjoyable to anyone and everyone. I can't recommend this enough. Get it 
> now." - Marshall L.
> "I love it. I've read it a couple of times now, and each time I get something 
> new out of it. It's made me stop and think about my performance style, 
> personality, the effects I choose, how I perform them, what my goals are when 
> I perform them, and on and on and on."-Jeff S.
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