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The Burger King on S. Westnedge in Kalamazoo (the one where Elvis was seen  
in the drive thru several years ago) once gave me an honorary "Free French  
Fries For Life" card (true story). And I don't even like french fries! 
Thank  goodness for Lipitor.
My brother is a world famous toxicologist (just Google Dr. James Bus)- he  
says they are working on a new miracle drug that will revolutionize 
medicine- it  actually will be like a "roto-rooter" on one's veins and reverse 
clogging  in the arteries... If we can all just make it that long... It is  
currently in animal testing. Guess it works GREAT in critters but one of  the 
nasty side effects is brain stroke (fun)... Ironically my brother had a  heart 
attack and had his stints put in at Duke- and he hardly ever  eats at Burger 
King! So as a preventative measure, I am going for a bike ride  tonight on 
my trusty one speed (looks like Pee Wee's bike- has a  neato bell and 
Hey Wayne- per your recommendation- I got today Peretti's "Illusion" novel  
on 15 CDs- the author took a whopping 17.5 hours to read the book- should 
be a  hoot listening to all that. But at least I won't have to work up a 
sweat turning  the pages...
Roger Magic Bus from sunny Kalamazoo
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Roger- QUIT POLLUTING your BODY!!! Dr Rick!

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Since I dine at Burger King almost daily, I was amused by the  photo of 
Mark Wilson below with a zillion "Burger Kings"... Scary  stuff... I saw Mark 
Wilson perform at the Michigan State  Fair on the huge main stage in Detroit 
more than 30 years ago- it  was a GREAT big time show!   Roger
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.  . . . Message # 24 . . . . Copyright Magic  International 2012          

To my  father's many magical Friends,
Magical Messages  has reached the milestone of its first year of  
publication. I hope you have enjoyed reading it  as much as I have enjoyed 
with both my  father and mother to put it together a couple of  times a month. 
It indeed has been a labor of  love!
This  issue is a little different. I'd thought I would  chime in here and 
share with you some  information about Mark and Nani that I ran  across the 
other day. Many of you know some of  the achievements of my well-respected 
parents,  but I doubt all of you know their full list of  credits.  As dad is 
not quite ready to  draft his next message, I felt compelled to  share this 
with all of you so you can truly  appreciate some of the things brother Greg 
and I  are truly proud of.
As  the "ole' magish" always says,
Happy  Magic    

Mike  Wilson  

In  This Issue:  A  Little About Our  Parents  A  couple of videos I really 
want you to  consider  Allakazam  50 Year Commemorative Book  Available  
Magic  Bingo - Everyone Wins  Lecture  Opportunities
A  Little About Our Parents
Last week brother Greg and I had the  pleasure of attending the 9th annual 
gathering  of the Branson Magic  Bonanza! presented by Marty and  Brenda 
Hahne of Dazzling Magic.
It was a terrific event where not only did  Greg open the big show on the 
beautiful stage of  the Hamner Barber Theater, but  we also were invited to 
speak about the magical  legacy of our parents. The two-hour lecture was  
largely presented by Greg with innumerable video  clips of our parents (and 
ourselves performing  with them) chronicling a 60+ year span of the  Wilson's 
pioneering performance history. My  thanks to the bro' for applying his 
amazing  editing talents to this labor of love!
As many of Dad's Magical  Messages readers may not be  familiar with some 
of the incredible  accomplishments of our talented parents, I  thought I 
would share with you (in brief) a few  of their lifetime achievement credits. 
But first  a few headlines!

“This nation’s leading authority on  magic.”
New York  Times
“One  of the world's cleverest, most spellbinding  magicians . . ."  


“  . . . a think tank of ledgerdemain . .  .“ 

“Mark  Wilson is excellent, so respected, and never  fails to put on a 
superb  show.”
Cary  Grant  

“Mark  Wilson's vast knowledge and experience in  marketing has changed the 
whole course of our  art. Many magicians are working today in areas  that 
didn’t exist until he opened them. Their  income is the result of Wilson’s  
Fr.  Photius (Charles) Bouton, Greek Orthodox  Church  

Among their many  accomplishments, Mark Wilson along with wife  Nani 
Darnell, pioneered magic on television with  the first network television  
The Magic Land of  Allakazam, which aired from  1960 to 1965 . . . first on 
the CBS network  sponsored by Kellogg's  and then on the ABC network, for a 
total run of  five years. 
In the 1970s, Mark &  Nani Wilson created and produced for  Pillsbury, a 
series of  six one-hour television specials,  The Magic Circus,  which aired 
throughout the United States and  international syndication in many foreign  
countries, including Australia, England,  Germany, Switzerland, Argentina, 
Brazil, Peru,  Canada, Mexico.
For  syndication and barter by the J. Walter Thompson  Advertising Agency, 
Wilson produced 22  half-hour and 135 five-minute  shows, The Magic of Mark  
Wilson television series.  
Mark  Wilson's, production company, Magic  International created and 
supplied many theme,  amusement parks, and world expositions with long  running 
illusion shows including---  Disneyland and  Disney World; all  Six Flags 
parks, all  Kings Entertainment  parks, all Bush  Gardens parks; Hershey  Park; 
Worlds of  Fun; and many more. 
He created for the  General Cigar Company, the  “Hall of Magic" at the  
1964 & 1965 New York World's  Fair, which entertained over  2,000,000 
fair-goers; and  created for Bell Telephone Co.  the "Magic of the  Telephone”, 
appeared for  capacity crowds in the Bell Pavillian,  Hemisfair '68 in San  
Antonio, Texas. 
The  Wilsons have performed their illusion show on  seven continents around 
the globe. In 1980 they  were the first modern Western  entertainers to 
perform for the Chinese  people, who had been cut off from the  rest of the 
world for over 30 years by the  dominating Communist government. The  Mark 
Wilson Illusion Show, with a cast  of twenty people and five thousand pounds of 
props, was the first to take Western Magic  behind the “bamboo curtain”, 
in their  history-making performing tour of the People’s  Republic of China. 
The Chinese television  network CTV, aired the first magic show  ever seen 
in the Peoples  Republic of China in 1981, Mark  Wilson’s Magic Spectacular. 
Mark  Wilson's Alchemy Productions created  and operated their patented 
magical devices at  hundreds of national and international trade  shows. These 
magical attractions  included the Amazing Hand  Machine, the Half  Humanoid, 
the Miraculous  Materializer, the Robot  Girl, the Man from  Mars and the 
Miniature  Girl, representing many major  corporations, including… United 
States  Atomic Energy Commission, Pittsburgh Plate  Glass, Martin Marietta 
Corp., Edison Association  , IBM, US Plywood, Hamilton Beach,  3M, 
Telephone and  Telegraph, American Telephone & Telegraph,  Honeywell and 
many  others.
Five  US patents were issued to our father  for these trade show display 
devices all of  which incorporate traditional magic illusion  principles in 
new and unique ways to bring  attention to the exhibitor's  products.
Mark  Wilson's business credits are  extensive. They include product 
enhancers as  package backs, package inserts, self liquidating  premiums, 
riders; giveaways and personal  appearance promotions as sales or attendance 
 builders for many companies, including  Kellogg’s, Dr  Pepper, Frito-Lay,  
Funny Face Drink Mix,  7-11 Stores, Pepsi  Cola, Pillsbury,  US Plywood,  
Motorola,  Westinghouse and many  others.

Mark  produced many projects for Burger  King, including:
    *   The  original design of the Burger King live  character,  in 
association with the J. Walter Thompson  Advertising Agency. •  
    *   His  company organization handled the recruiting,  training and 
operation of the live  Burger King character’s personal  appearance program  
    *   22  actors & magicians were recruited and  trained by and worked 
for Wilson's company to be  "Marvelous Magical Burger  Kings", based in cities 
throughout the  United States, Puerto Rico and Australia  
    *   Mark  Wilson Productions created and operated the  Burger King 
Puppet Shows.  Traveling in five vans, these shows entertained  over 750,000 
children appearing nationwide for  three years at schools, Burger King stores, 
and  other locations.  
    *   The  Wilson organization also created and operated  Snuffy  the 
Talking Fire Engine,  to promote the Burger  King Fire Prevention Program.  
Mark Wilson introduced Snuffy to the world on  the Captain  Kangaroo  
television show. 
To top it all off, Mark  Wilson authored the world’s most popular book of  
magic instruction, the “Mark Wilson  Complete Course in Magic.” Now  
published in English, French, Italian, Spanish,  Russian, and Chinese, the book 
has a circulation  of over 850,000 copies. 
Mark  Wilson may well be the world's most honored  magician. 
    *   Honored  with the Lifetime Achievement  Award at the 2010  
International Brotherhood of  Magicians International Convention,  which 
the 50th Anniversary of  the Magic Land of Allakazam, as  positively 
influencing generations of  magicians; 
    *   Past  President of Hollywood's Academy of  Magical Arts/ Magic 
Castle, and twice  winning “Academy Magician of the  Year” and “Life-Time 
Masters  Fellowship” Awards; 
    *   Was  honored by the prestigious “David  Devant” Award from London’
s highly  respected Magic  Circle;  
    *   Elected  to the Society of American  Magicians, “Magicians Hall of  
    *   Awarded  Show Business Shrine Club’s, “Magician  of the Decade”; 
    *   Named  Superstar of Magic by the  International Brotherhood of  
    *   And  received countless other national and  international honors. 
    *   Mark Wilson and Nani  Darnell and their Hollywood based staff of 
magic  specialists produced and/or created many other  magically oriented 
network shows, television  series and TV specials, including:  Magic of China, 
Children of  China, Adventures of a Young Magician in China,  Magic of the 
Old County, Mr Magic, Magic of  Astro World  and World's Greatest  Illusions. 
These television  specials aired on networks in the United States,  Canada, 
Australia, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and  around the world. 
    *   The  Wilson organization supplied magical segments  for many motion 
pictures, television shows and  commercials seen in United States, Japan, 
Korea,  China, Great Britain, Germany, Brazil and many  other foreign 
In  conclusion, a note from an International  Brotherhood of Magicians 
member . . .   
"To  the legendary Mark Wilson & Nani  Darnell,
“Your  remarkable lives as magic's worldwide goodwill  ambassadors, your 
devotion to our craft, and  your passion for giving others the same chance  to 
discoverthe real benefits of magic in their  lives, is evident in 
everything you  do.”

Wow,  what a life!
Mike  Wilson  


Some  things you might be interested in . .  .
Never Broadcast Pilot of  Kellog's Magic Circus   

Discovered  in a dusty box in our warehouse by Greg, until  it's release 
earlier this year, no one had ever  seen that show outside of Kelloggs and the 
Leo  Burnett advertising agency.  
The  1960 pilot show was originally called the  "Magic Circus", but we  
were delighted to change the name to  "Magic Land of  Allakazam" when it 
started airing  on CBS. Includes bonus material.
Flawless  transfer from the original 2" master black &  white videotape. 

DVD  $19.95 (plus  shipping)  

The  Magic of China
&  The Children of China  

The  DVD programs of the history-making 1980  performing tour of the 
People's Republic of  China by Mark, Nani, Greg and Mike can now be  yours.
Greg recently discovered  that the magnetic coating on the master tapes of  
these two TV specials was quickly deteriorating.  Fortunately, using a 
combination of the edited  masters, sub-masters and original footage, he  was 
able to restore the two shows and make a  very nice digital version which will 
now  withstand the test of time.
DVD $29.95 (plus  shipping)  

Allakazam  50 Year Commemorative Book
The most sought after  Mark & Nani Publication   

The  wonderful 50-year commemorative book documenting  the Magic Land of 
Allakazam continues  to be the best seller at the magic conventions  Mark and 
Nani attend worldwide.  Learn the  story of how this never-since duplicated 
feat of  a network television series came to be broadcast  on CBS and how it 
ran for 5 years.
Full  color with hundreds of photos and commentary by  all the surviving 
cast members, this is a  keeper for everyone interested in magic and the  
selling of a television show to a  sponsor.
$10 (+ $5.50 shipping  & handling)
Want  to make it truly special? Get yours personally  autographed by the 
entire family!  Mark, Nani, Mike & Greg  $25 including US  priority mail 
postage. (Additional postage for  international buyers).

If  you would like anything from our collection,  visit:   



Or,  just send Nani an email  to:

Or  for more information, just give Nani a call  at:   



Everyone  is a Winner!!


“MAGIC  BINGO™ is a winner in every sense of the  word… The  audience just 
dosen’t see it  coming… Try  this once and I bet you’ll do it every time 
you  do a show for more than 10  people.” 
– Danny Orleans,  GENII Magazine.

“Held  our salespeople spellbound until that  sensational  ending.” 

– Chris  Shoenleb, Executive Vice President, Burger King  Corporation  

“I  was approached by a client who wanted some flash  for a day-long sales 
meeting. When they  mentioned they were going to wind up their day  by going 
bowling, I suggested they play MAGIC  BINGO™ before that. You know the 
rest. They were  happy with the outcome. MAGIC BINGO™ was crucial  to getting 
the $5,000 booking so it has more  than paid for  itself.” 

– David Seebach,  professional magician, Milwaukee, WI  

Click  above to learn about the on-line version. You  can download and 
print everything yourself, even  customize the Bingo cards.

— • —  

Or, you can buy the  complete package with all the materials and  
instructions from us by clicking  below.
   Click on above or call Nani direct to buy! 



MAGIC  Magazine named Mark Wilson one of the ten most  influential American 
magicians of the 20th  century.  

Have a  personal visit by Mark & Nani where  they will share their 
incredible experiences,  and have an exclusive opportunity to  see personally 
narrated video clips  not seen in 50 years.    

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