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I had a BLAST! Thanks so much Ring 211 for the opportunity- much  
appreciated! I also got the video from Sonny of Earl Ray Wilcox performing- I  
try to get it on youtube for all to see as soon as I can- I'll let you know  
when I get it posted there. Personally, as I told MagicBob, I would have 
paid to  be in Abracadabra- it was wonderful performing experience for me in 
front of  some very nice folks eager to watch. 
Roger Magic Bus
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We just did 10 shows?  I thought it was 100 by  the time I got home. LOL  
Really it was bad at all.  My chiropractor  said I was a little tight this 
morning. Only took him an hour or two to  straighten me up.  LOL

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Abracadabra  2011 
Well,  if you missed it, I believe you missed a great one. 
Based  on the audience feedback I received, they absolutely loved all six  
The  cast of performers included: Sonny Tgiros, Bill Rasmussen, Roger Bus, 
Bob  Paneler, Jesse Shira, and guest performer, Alan Kazam from  Kalamazoo. 
Based  on feedback from the six performers, they absolutely had a GREAT  
The  first two editions of this event (2009 & 2010) were sold out.   
This  year, 2011, although we netted almost $500, this one had far too many 
empty  seats. 
Again,  if you missed it, I believe you missed a great one. 
We  have a wonderful abundance of really great performers in our  club! 
Please  take the time to thank the performers noted above for their  
contribution to the club. 
Hey,  doing 10 back-to-back 12-14 minute shows is a lot of  work! 
March  Board Meeting 
7:30  pm 
At  SuZie Zoerman’s House 
2519  Riveredge Dr., SE 
Grand  Rapids, MI 49545 
(616)  975-9988 

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