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On 3/31/03 9:26 PM, "Gleason Sackmann" <gleason@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

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> The April edition of "Shortwave News" has been uploaded to the
> International Listener web site at
> or at
> News stories center around the Iraq war: the BBC World Service and
> Voice of America coverage, plus web sites with war news and an item
> about psyop broadcasts.  There are also stories on Radio Austria
> International's transition later this summer to largely relaying a
> domestic network, cutbacks in power and hours at Radio New Zealand
> International, Radio Australia's separation from ABC Radio, the
> folding of Poptronics and meetings of the High Frequency
> Coordinating Committee, the Association of International
> Broadcasters and the National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters.
> Ed Mayberry

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