Live Military Communications Now OnLine

  • From: Gleason Sackmann <gleason@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Radio in the Classroom <ric@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 11:42:56 -0600

From: GeorgeF <av8tor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Live Military Communications Now OnLine
Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 12:39:41 -0500

Now broadcasting live Military Air Communications from Florida.  You'll
be hearing numerous aircraft dropping bombs, firing missile, and
engaging in mock dogfights.  Its been busy during the day hours.

Most of what I'm broadcasting is 4 scanners of VHF/UHF MilAir freqs.
If/when there is action on the HF freqs I'm monitoring I'll patch that
in as well.  Also if Radio Kuwait starts issuing warnings on their
1800-2100 UTC English broadcast I'll patch them in as well (Radio Kuwait
broadcasts on 11.990 MHz)

Since most of our local MilAir action is daytime I will try something
different tonight.  If local activity dies down I?ll replay the
afternoons mil action.   Since I record all I hear digitally I can then
rebroadcast the days action at night for those working folks who can?t
listen live.   During the rebroadcast you?ll notice that there is no
long periods of silence.  This is due to when recording the days
activity my recorder is on VOX mode meaning it doesn?t record the
silence between transmissions.  From some of you you may find this more
interesting as it is constant action?.

You can hear the live and recorded broadcasts at  Most likely I?ll start the recorded
broadcast at about 2000 EST (0100 UTC).  However live broadcasting is
taking place now.


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