[rhapsody2010] New access to Rhapsody

  • From: John Martyn <johnrobertmartyn@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <rhapsody2010@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2010 17:51:32 -0400

Hi All,

Just as an update, Rhapsody the actual program will be accessible for the 
latest version in 2010. I gave spent 6 months developing a script to handle 
most aspects of the program. It is a lot faster than just using the web 
interface which is very difficult and frustrating. This new script is complete 
and tested. I don't know about windows vista or windows 7, but it should work 
the same. Works great in windows xp. With this new script you can:

play/pause, stop, fast forward, rewind, change volume, play previous and next 

The controls are much like iTunes, except you can do a lot more

You have full access to playlists, and you can have an unlimited number of 
them. You have full mixer access, with ability to save and clear the mixer.

You can edit, rename playlists, and even change the track order. You can search 
for music quickly and drag and drop to multiple locations in the music guide, 
mixer, and playlists.

You can hear what playlist is open, check the song total status with the time 
totals. You can hear the artist blurbs about the band and check the timecode.

The drag and drop feature is very simple. One shortcut works in all the 
windows. It presents a list of what drag and drop you want to perform. You can 
from the music guide, drag to create a new playlist, drag to an existing 
playlist, or drag albums and songs to the mixer all from one page.

From the mixer, you can drag to the selected and open playlist, drag to an 
existing playlist, or create a new playlist from a single song.

You can also drag and drop from a playlist to any other playlist.

Using the up and down arrows you can cruise through the tracks and hit enter on 
the song you want to play. 

The playlist list can handle duplicate playlists, and presents a neat list of 
what playlist you want to edit, rename or open. This script is basically 
automated for everything to give you a more full and fast experience just like 
sighted users.

I have not released it yet, but will soon. I am working Real Networks in 
getting this out there. The script is very smart. It also has callback features 
for when you're doing tasks. If you drag and drop, it returns you back to what 
you were doing in the mixer and playlists, and music guide.

I am working hard to get this out there in the best possible way. You can 
download tracks too. I have really bug checked the hell out of it. It works 
with Jaws 10 and 11. It also works with some older versions of rhapsody from 
back a couple years or so. I see that there was some older rhapsody scripts 
that no longer work. I would consider this as the deluxe script for Rhapsody. 
It really makes using the program a cinch.

Oh yeah, it also has mixer restore and playlist restore with it. if you leave 
the window to do something else, you can return right back to the track you 
were on.

Also as another update, I have scripted the music library to play all your 
stuff from iTunes and the local hard drive. This portion is not quite finished 
yet as I am checking into the search feature in the library.

Included is a restore feature to restore back to the last track you were 
playing in the mixer, playlists, and library. When you return to the music 
guide search, it should place you on the last link.

More updates to come.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to add your two cents.  Let 
me know what you think.



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