//MARS R/ Fw: [Developers] Arduino 0022 release candidate now available.

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Hi all,

I uploaded a release candidate for Arduino 0022:

Windows: http://files.arduino.cc/downloads/arduino-0022-rc1.zip
Mac OS X: http://files.arduino.cc/downloads/arduino-0022-rc1.dmg
Linux: http://files.arduino.cc/downloads/arduino-0022-rc1.tgz


(and below).

Please test it out, particularly serial communication at various baud
rates, the SD card library, etc.  I'd like to release the final
version in a week or two.

Work on Arduino 1.0 has been continuing in this branch
<https://github.com/arduino/Arduino/tree/new-extension> albeit slowly.
I haven't yet merged all the 0022 changes into it yet, either.  After
0022 is out, I'll continue to push on the various changes for 1.0.


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