[rgn3_tangos] /T Net Saturday 24 Jan 2009

  • From: "Wayne" <AAT3GI@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <rgn3_tangos@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2009 19:33:50 -0500


Reminder this Saturday, 1001 EST, 1501Z AAA3RD/T net on 4032.9 LSB. 

In order to provide appropriate training in Feb, please send me the following 

1. Have you completed the Basic Training Written test?  If not, what is your 
best estimate of completion of the written test? Do you have any problem areas 
with the test you would like to have addressed?

2. Referring to Appendix G:, page G-1, what tasks have NOT completed?

3. How much time remains on your 6 month /T period?

This information will not be shared with the other net members, the purpose is 
to help me provide the most needed training.  Send your reply to 
aat3gi@xxxxxxxxxxx do not use REPLY in this message as your message will go to 
all in this freelist. 

4. Anyone who is unable to check into the net, please send me an email of the 
circumstances preventing your checking in. If net time conflicts with personal 
things, just say so I do not need details, was it propagation or whatever. This 
will help me make adjustments to our net.

Thank you for your assistance and looking forward to being with you Saturday.


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