[rgn3_tangos] Attention /Tango Stations

  • From: "Wayne" <AAT3GI@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2009 09:53:48 -0400

All /tango stations are reminded that your participation report for MARS 
activity in June is due to your
State appointed officer starting 1 July. Direct questions on preparing and 
sending your June report to
your State Admin officer.  

/Tango stations have for the most part been totally absent from the /A and /D 
nets. MARS members
are expected to participate regularly and take part in training and learning 
net procedures and other
valuable information only gained by participating in the our nets. If you do 
not have a copy of the
current net plan, contact your State Officials for a copy.

Early in July there will be an exercise.  Check Appendix G: Practical Exercise 
Completion Record
page G-1 of the Army MARS Basic Training Course and Operators Guide.  The 3rd 
Requirement is
Emergency Operations Tasks.  This is usually the most difficult requirement on 
the list since they do 
not occur very often.  You should make every effort to join the July exercise 
nets.  Refer questions
to your State Training Officer or Emergency Operations Officer.  An email will 
be coming soon with
the details of the exercise.

Any questions you have for me should be directed to aat3gi@xxxxxxxxxxx a 
reminder, if you click the
"reply" button on this message, your message will go to all the recipients 
listed here.  If that is your
intent, OK, but if you want to send to me or one of your state officials, the 
prepare a new email with 
your desired recipient.

We really do want all /Tangos to succeed.  Every region 3 member is committed 
to your success. 
However, it does take a lot of effort to complete the 100 questions test and 
the practical exercises
within the 6 month period you are allotted.  


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