[rex-users] Augeas Module released

  • From: Jan Gehring <jan.gehring@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: rex-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 26 Jun 2011 14:59:47 +0200


just release an augeas module for Rex.

Augeas is a library to manipulate configuration files.

From the augeas site [1]:

Augeas - a configuration API
Augeas is a configuration editing tool. It parses configuration files
in their native formats and transforms them into a tree. Configuration
changes are made by manipulating this tree and saving it back into
native config files.

Packages have been build for CentOS 5 x86_64, i386 and also for Debian Squeeze.

You can install it from CPAN [2] as well.

To use this module you have to install the augeas tools (augtool, it's
included in the augeas package) on your servers, too.

You'll find an usage example [3] and the API documentation [4] on the
Rex website.

[1] http://augeas.net/
[2] http://search.cpan.org/~jfried/Rex-Augeas-0.2.0/lib/Rex/Augeas.pm
[3] http://rexify.org/modules/augeas.html
[4] http://rexify.org/api/Rex/Augeas.pm.html

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