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  • From: Todd South <tcsouth@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 19 May 2008 02:17:23 -0700 (PDT)

If you don't know what PIG ROCK is, then ignore this message.

For those that do, here's a response msg to many of the questions I've received in recent days, re: "are you doing Pig Rock this year?"

The short answer is, "After 7 Pig Rock music events of increasingly stressful, panic attack-inducing effort, I hadn't planned on doing it again this year.  Plus, I've gone through some pretty nasty drama in the past several months that has kind of sucked the will out of me for large-scale events.  Ask if you're really interested in a long list of details."


Several die-hard, long time fans of the jam have been asking me, neé, begging me to put together a campout/jam for this year.  So, I'm once again considering it.  But, if we do it, I'd like to strip it back down to the basics and do what we did in the beginning.  That is, do a simple overnighter (instead of 2-4 days), with NO power, NO lights, NO PA system.  Maybe bathrooms if we can talk someone into hauling the Sani-Hut trailer again.  :)    And, I'd really like to get it back to the music, instead of the large-scale general purpose campout/bacchanalia it grew into over the past couple years.  Just musicians with their family or closest friends.  No separate campsites with canned music, firearms, ATV's, etc.  :)

Musicians playing acoustic music under the stars in the desert until we pass out (or the sun comes up) ... just like when we started it several years ago. 

If you're interested, let me know. 


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