[renomusicproject] Burning Peace BACK at Walden's!

  • From: Todd South <tcsouth@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 25 May 2010 17:42:26 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks to everyone who attended EJ Maldonaldo's CD release at Cyber 
Infusion, featuring a 40 minute set by Burning Peace!  It was really 
great to play with Cap, Lenny, and Izaak again after such a long break.  Folks 
seemed to enjoy it, and we certainly had a good time.  It would 
have been perfect, if it weren't for the fact it was the penultimate 
performance of Burning Peace with Izaak in the line-up.  :(

Izaak and his family will soon be moving to greener pastures, and  we're 
really going to miss him!  Not only have we been friends and fans  of 
each other's music since 2003, but Izaak's talents really kicked  
Burning Peace performances up to an entirely different level.  He will  
be impossible to replace, but knowing him we believe the music scene in  his 
new home will wonder how they ever got along without him.  That's  
how we feel!  :)
SO, in order to send Izaak & Kynda 
off  right, we're going to have a last show & party together, and 
you're  invited!  As fate would have it, we're returning to the place we all  
first met in order to say goodbye.  That's right ... this Burning 
Peace  show will be the kick-off for bringing live music back to 
Walden's!  We  sincerely hope to see y'all there.
Walden's Coffeehouse - 3940 Mayberry Drive, Reno
WHEN: Sunday, 
June 6, 6:00pm
Walden's new owners, Melissa and Ron, will have all kinds of new food & drink 
yummies available, and they're looking 
forward to seeing music return to one of Reno's best-loved locations.
P.S. The Reno Music Project will be hosting our new open mic at Walden's 
beginning Saturday, June 12th. 

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