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  • From: Todd South <tcsouth@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2009 05:13:45 -0700 (PDT)

Thought not an RMP event, I think you'll agree that mentioning this HUGE event 
is in keeping with the spirit of the RMP mailing list.  You just won't find a 
bigger bang for your entertainment buck than what's going on TODAY in downtown 
Sparks, and all for a good cause.  Check it out!

FINAL AUTfest details, drawings, vendors, music check it out!$3 dollar donation 
gets you a ticket for a chance to win one of these awesome prizes!


• FOOTBALL IS ALMOST HERE PACKAGE - Authentic Eli Manning Jersey and a
$25 gift certificate good at both Legend’s and the Sierra Tap House

•     NO PACKAGE NEEDED - Autographed Joe DiMaggio Plaque!

• PERFECT FOR THE COLLEGE KID PACKAGE - Pizza for a Year (1 large pizza
per month) from Eclipse Pizza and a $20 gift card to Walden’s

• INSTANT DATE PACKAGE - 2 Tickets to the Nevada Museum of Art, 1 pair
of tickets to Catch a Rising Star and a $25 gift certificate to Java
Jungle/Jungle Vino


• BECAUSE I’M WORTH IT PACKAGE - Gift certificate to Ahhh Massage,
Dinner for 2 at the Texas Roadhouse, 1 pair of tickets to Catch a
Rising Star and a $25 gift certificate to Java Jungle/Jungle Vino

•     WINNER’S CHOICE: Sports Memorabilia from Baldini’s (see table for prizes)

• LAST BLAST SUMMER PACKAGE - Keg of Beer from Silver Peak, $25.00 gift
certificate to BJ’s Barbeque, and a $25 gift certificate good at both
Legends or the Sierra Tap House (MUST BE 21+)

• A MOMENT IN TIME PACKAGE - Free portrait sitting with local
photographer David Erickson (to be used within 3 months of AUTfest) and
a $25 gift certificate to Java Jungle/Jungle Vino

•     JUST CHILLIN PACKAGE - $50 Gamestop gift certificate and (2) $25 dollar 
gift certificates to Lamppost Pizza

• SPECIAL MOMMY/DAUGHTER DAY PACKAGE - Custom-made girls dress from
Kongmama & Yucetobe a gift certificate to Something Sweet Bakery
and a girls bicycle from Wal Mart

• INNER ROCK*STAR PACKAGE - Yamaha Gig Maker from Maytan Music
(includes, electric guitar, amp, strap, tuner, pics) and 1 month free
guitar lessons with Tim Lake


•     SKATEBOARD from Out of Bounds Boardshop

• GOOD FRIENDS PACKAGE - Rutherford’s Barbeque Gift Pack for 8 , 3
bottles of wine from the Cellar Wine Co., 4 pairs of Catch a Rising
Star Tickets (MUST BE 21+)

• SPOIL HER ROTTEN PACKAGE – 5.08ct Sky Blue Topaz, white gold and
diamond ring (retails for $1,099) from Drummond’s Fine Jewelry, $35
gift certificate to Kabloom flower shop, Dinner for 2 at the Texas
Roadhouse and a pair of tickets to Catch a Rising Star! (MUST BE 21+)

•     JUST BECAUSE PACKAGE - Necklace by Wendy Huruska@ Second Star and a $25 
gift certificate to Java Jungle/Jungle Vino

•     GET FIT PACKAGE - 1 Month free membership to Anytime Fitness and a gift 
basket from Vitamin World (MUST BE 18+)

•     DATE NIGHT PACKAGE - 2 pairs of Catch a Rising Star tickets and a gift 
certificate to the Chocolate Bar. (MUST BE 21+)

•     3 STRIKES YOU’RE OUT PACKAGE - Reno Aces Tickets and a $50 bar tab at the 
Foxy Olive (MUST BE 21+)

play sessions at The Playroom and a gift certificate to Something Sweet

•     NO PIANO, NO PROBLEM PACKAGE - 1 Casio Keyboard and a month of free piano 
lessons with Kevin Hadsell!

•     WINNER’S CHOICE:  Music Memorabilia from KOZZ (see table for prizes)

•     GIRLS BICYCLE from Wal Mart


•     GUN SAFE from Nevada Lock Supply (valued @ $500)

•     1 Month GUITAR Lessons: Eric Stangeland, Dennis Fecko, Marc Luperini 

•     1 Month DRUM Lessons: Lee Warner - Drums

•      LEFT THE BUILDING PACKAGE:  2 Bottles of *Original Elvis Presley Wine 
donated by Baldini’s

•     MUCH NEEDED PACKAGE – Grand Sierra Get-a-way (one night stay and dinner!)


104.5 KDOT AND 105.7 KOZZ



AUTISM MATTERS- Your main stop for information on today’s event and
your #1 spot to pre-purchase tickets for tonight’s 21+ half of AUTfest,
WATER or to purchase drawing tickets! Stop by and say hi! Autism
Matters is a local non-profit organization committed to spreading
awareness and helping local families affected by autism. They are
co-creators and sponsors of today’s event!

Reno Roller Girls- Roller Derby is back and these girls take no
prisoners! We dare you to turn down a drawing ticket from one of these
lovely ladies!

Absolute Graphix – Printing shirts on demand! (How cool is that?!) Stop
by and get your official AUTfest 2009 T-shirt because $2 from each one
goes to Autism Matters to help local families affected by Autism! (Plus
we’ll give you 1 free drawing ticket for each shirt that you buy and 2
tickets if you buy both a shirt and a sticker!) Win/win for everyone!

Out of Bounds Boardshop– Skateboarding Exhibitions today from Reno’s favorite 
board and accessory shop.

Vince Miller- Guitar building and set-up’s

RAIN –Reno Autism Information Network…Toni Richard… You ask it… she
knows it! Toni and her husband have 2 boys that happen to be on the
Autism Spectrum.

ACON- Autism Coalition of Nevada

Something Sweet – Traditional, gluten free or sugar free treats for all
occasions made with the freshest hand selected fruits, rich cream, real
butter, pure extracts and Belgium chocolate. Offering fun sweets today
and the option to make your own cotton candy!

Second Star - Wood turning and fun hand-crafted jewelry, The Huruska’s
have two adorable sons one of which happens to have Autism.

Gamestop – 4 Words… GUITAR HERO WORLD TOUR!  Stop by and play today!

Wendy Sparks – unique handcrafted jewelry 

Reno Tahoe Tonight Magazine – If it’s cutting edge, funky and happening
in the Truckee meadows; you can read about it in this magazine. Oliver
X and his crew have their fingers on the pulse of our burgeoning
artistic subculture.

Ahhh Massage – treat yourself to a relaxing massage before you come and rock 
out with us tonight!

David Erickson – Local photographer, check out David’s work or ask him
about the photographic study he’s doing on people with Autism. Way cool
stuff from a unique perspective!

Kongmama and Yucetobe- Misty Kong and Lisa Bain are two talented local
custom girls dress makers. Misty has a daughter who is on the Autism

Tawnya Hoffman¬ Bead Jewelry- Tawnya is a local girl who makes fun beaded 
jewelry and happens to be on the Spectrum!

Great Basin 


4:00pm –        Eric Foreman    

4:45pm –        Grace Hutchison

5:30pm –        Tyler Stafford

6:15pm – Eric Stangeland with Erika Davidson & Shawn Jones

7:00pm –        Max Volume

7:45pm – Lisa McCuiston

INSIDE STAGE:  (Must be 21+)

9:00pm –        Tim Snider

9:35pm –        Kate Cotter

10:15pm – Eat at Joe’s

11:45pm – Jelly Bread 

Cantina                                               (Must be 21+)

9:00pm –        Becky Beistline 

9:40pm –        Ninos Zombi

10:30pm – John & Danny Days No Different

11:20am – O.T. R

12:20am - Lesser Known Gentlemen


4:45pm – Detriment

6:05pm – ZEND 

7:25pm – Twelve Gauge Facelift

8:05pm – She has a Fashion Vice

8:50pm - Cover Your Tracks

9:25pm – Dirt Communion

***Break for venue age change***            (Must be 21+)

10:30pm – Otis

11:20pm – Knightfall

Paddy & Irene’s                                  (Must be 21+)

(Must be 21+)

8:00pm – Mr. Vague

8:45pm - James Wilsey

9:15pm - Gabriel Traverso Band 

10:30pm – Todd South

Yes, I am at the bottom of the list.  :)  But I'm just SUPER honored to be a 
part of such an august group.  WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!

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