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by Patrick, Daniel,  & Zachan Kabuki, Pila & Andy Maluhia, and Li Nalas and  
Except for the few days  she spent with Ming before she was posted to the 
Avalon, Vilya never truly had  the experience of living in a normal Human 
community.  Starfleet was not, she told herself, normal.  Then again, she had 
no idea 
if anyone  would call the community Ming's brother lived in 'normal' but it 
certainly  seemed considerably more domestic and simply more homelike than 
shipboard  life. 
They were outrageously  friendly people, the evidence of that starting with 
her greeting on the beach by  the oldest boy of one of the larger families.  
The sweet faced boy led her up to  Daniel's house, which he called the 
parsonage, happily describing the people and  places they passed.  When they  
got there, it was to find Ming seated on what was called the lanai of  the 
house, talking to a slightly older Human who was obviously a native of the  
"Wow, you really do look  a lot like Reverend K," Andy announced as he caught 
sight of  Ming. 
"That, my young friend,  is because the other Reverend K is my brother," Ming 
said, smiling brightly as  Andy handed the baby to him.  He  glanced at the 
other man then reached to muss the boy's hair.  "Except, Analu Maleko, I'm the 
youngest  and your dad tells me you're the  oldest." 
Andy grinned as his  father slipped an arm around his sturdy shoulders.  The 
resemblance was obvious to  Vilya.  The boy not only had his  father's smile, 
but was built like him, too, promising to be a large muscular  man when he 
reached adulthood. 
"Vilya, this is Pila  Maluhia, one of the committee members in Daniel's 
congregation," Ming said as he  drew her closer. 
"E komo mai, Mrs.  Kabuki," Pila began, taking one of her slender hands in 
his large ones as he  offered a crooked smile.  "Or is it  Mrs. Li?  I met your 
dad, who, by  the way, is out fishing with my dad, and he wasn't quite  sure." 
"Li is for Starfleet and  Kabuki is for home so it's Lieutenant Li and Mrs. 
Kabuki," she replied, bemused  over the thought of her father out fishing.  "I 
want you to know Andy here was a  great help in escorting us up here.  You've 
got yourself a fine  boy." 
"Thanks, I like to think  so, too.  He says he's joining  Starfleet once he's 
old enough," Pila stated.   
"Oh really?  You're only ten, Andy," she said,  smiling at the boy who was 
now hanging over his father's shoulder.  "So sure  already?" 
Andy nodded, even upside  down.  "Oh yeah but I want to be a  Marine.  Little 
Z-Man can be regular  Starfleet if he wants." 
"Z-Man?" Ming asked  dubiously. 
"Our son, at such a  tender age, has acquired yet another  nickname." 
Vilya picked her way  down the packed dirt path, working her way to the 
beach.  Ming's sister-in-law Sarah said her  husband would be down on the 
taking a break, things Vilya knew Daniel's  physician required he take daily.  
The family had just returned from Sarah's sister's the night before.  Daniel 
wasn't at breakfast, prompting  one of the children to inform her that 'Daddy 
sleeps late sometimes.'  Finally, she spotted the man, looking so  much like 
youngest brother, leaning up against a tree with his long legs  stretched out 
in front of him. 
"Daniel?" she called  softly.  Are we disturbing  you?" 
Daniel put away the book  he'd been reading and waved her over.  "Never, 
especially since I see my new favorite nephew is with you.  Come have a seat 
enjoy the  view." 
She put down the basket  she was carrying but, before she could sit, Daniel 
sat up further so that he  could take Zachan from her.  "Thanks," she said 
simply as she patted the basket.  "Lunch for you. Sarah said if you don't  eat 
then she's going to tell your  mother." 
Daniel snorted in  outright amusement.  Tickling his  nephew under the chin, 
said, "A bit of information for you, Zachan: Grandma K  hates when people skip 
meals.  You,  my boy, have that adorable baby chunkiness so she won't pick on 
you.  I know she's got t'be just loving  you." 
Vilya laughed brightly  at that.  "You got it exactly so eat  lunch with 
us--or me really since the little prince has already  eaten." 
"In a minute," Daniel  said softly.  His blue eyes were  drinking in his 
nephew's every feature.  "He's beautiful, Vilya.  God's blessed you and my baby 
"Very true."  There was no reason to argue her  Prophets or his God.  The 
intent was  the same and she knew he and Ming preached that.  "He's such a 
baby, already used to  so much attention." 
"I wouldn't worry about  that, Vilya.  He'll stay a good  boy.  His parents 
are too sensible  to let what he means to Bajor get to his head," Daniel told 
her.  He pressed his nose to the baby's wispy  red hair.  "Lord but I love that 
"Why do you think  Daddy's stayed with us?" she asked.  "Bad enough to be the 
Narvach when he just wants to be Grandpa Nalas but  he says it's not fair to 
put that pressure on his grandson, on a teeny  baby.  He adores this  boy." 
"Your dad's funny,  Vilya.  He doesn't seem to mind that  my bunch is calling 
him 'Grandpa', too."  He laughed as he reached, one handed, into the basket 
to see what his  wife packed.  "And they already have  two full sets of 
"Here--hand him back so  you can eat," she fussed as she reached for the 
baby.  Settling him so that he could see his  uncle, she added, "I noticed 
too.  I know the whole way Daddy returned to us makes you and Ming  
uncomfortable but it came down to him wanting to see Zachan grow up.  He says 
if he's 
going to be a  grandfather then he's going to be a  grandfather." 
"You know," Daniel  cajoled, "you four could just stay here with us on  
He was walking them to  the ferry dock.  They'd take the  ferry to the 
mainland and head to the Fleet transit area, from which they'd head  to Vilya's 
assignment. ' Renaissance', both her father and Daniel agreed,  had good 
portent attached to its name.  Of course, the man also made it clear that he'd 
them  mightily. 
"Think about it, little  brother," Daniel continued.  "The  folks here have 
taken a shine to you, you and I work well together, Dad and Mr.  Li get on like 
old friends..." 
"We'll be back to stay  one day," Vilya told him.  "All of  us." 
Her father chuckled at  that.  "After all, how could a man  not visit six 
grandchildren he never had  before?" 
"Better make that seven,  sir," Daniel said, clearing his throat lightly even 
as his face flushed with  pleasure and pride. 
"Daniel!" Vilya  exclaimed even as Ming hugged his brother.  "Sarah never 
said anything." 
"That's because she just  told me," Daniel replied, still grinning like an 
idiot, "a little happy news to  start your trip." 

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