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Difficult but not Impossible
by Sorrean of Vulcan and Awapuhi Kaleohano
***warning***This contains adult  content***

Sorrean snuggled against the soft form next to him.  It amused him  quite a 
bit as he couldn't quite remember the last time he had snuggled against  
anything or anyone.  She made a very good snuggler though, very warm and  
comfortable.  ~~Good morning, k'diwa.  Are you still sleeping?~~
Awa opened her eyes, a lazy smile in them and on her face.  ~~Only  resting 
and enjoying this~~ she told him, still pressed against him.   "Comfortable?"

"Extremely," he purred, his hand drifting down her waist  and hip.  ~~When 
does your shift start?~~  "Have you slept  enough?  I do not wish you to fall 
asleep on duty."
She chuckled lightly at that.  "I've never done that," she said with  mock 
affront.  Kissing him lightly, she peered over at the wall  chrono.  "A few 
hours yet.  All sorts of busy work."

"Good,  then we can breakfast together."  He held her even tighter, a smile 
soft on  his lips.  "I believe the only woman I have ever had breakfast with is 
my  mother."
"No female crew mates that can handle you in the morning?" she asked.   "I 
should think you'd make for wonderful conversation in the morning."

"I  am not one for fraternising," he mused before laughing cheerfully at how 
foolish  that sounded.  "You are my first, k'diwa."
"First as in...oh my, of course," she said, almost to herself, her face  
coloring under her tan.  "I would never have known that."

"Of course  first.  I had never wished to before last night.  You were in my 
arms,  dancing yet you felt as if you were in my heart already."  He gave her 
a  lopsided smile.  "Does that make sense?"
"Lovely smile," she teased.  "If you were Human then you might have  said 
'love at first sight' or kismet."  She kissed him lightly.  "I  think I knew 
too, but wouldn't see it simply because I thought it  impossible."

His hand came to rest on her arm and he stroked it  gently.  "Difficult is 
not impossible, k'diwa.  But I will admit that  this was not how I intended 
wooing you into marrying me."
She felt a completely girlish giggle bubble up.  "You were intending  to 
anyway?  Can I ask why?"

"That is a very pretty laugh, Awapuhi,"  he mused with a smile.  "I wished to 
marry you because you were the very  first woman to make me step back and 
see.  I am not a fanciful man, k'diwa,  but I knew when I first saw you that I 
wished to know you better.  Now that  I do, I love you."
"And hearing that and feeling it will be enough during those times that  both 
have to pretend nothing exists.  That will be harder for me than you I  

Sorrean frowned, reaching to brush her cheek.  "Do you  resent this then?  We 
can have it broken by the priestesses."
"No!"  And then, ~~No!  I resent nothing.  I can face any  challenge just 
knowing you're there, Sorrean, but it'll be interesting if we  ever slip up.  
It'll be me that does, that much I know.~~ 

~~Are you  prescient then, k'diwa?~~ he teased as he kissed her gently.  
"Perhaps I  will be the one to.  You forget my best friend is the captain."
"Not prescient," she said with a wink.  "Just self aware."  She  rested a 
hand under his chin.  "I hate to have to get up."

"Then do  not.  If you have many hours before work stay here," he chuckled.   
"Why get up when you are so comfortable."
She made a show of considering the matter even as she looked at their  bodies 
so close together.  He was strong and leanly muscled and, she  supposed, how 
one might imagine a Vulcan to look but only more so.  The man  was as 
beautiful on the outside as he was on the inside.  She was no rail  thin cadet 
but her 
well defined shaped fit perfectly against his.  Her hand  stroked lightly 
down his back toward his buttocks, smoothing over them.
"Would you have ever laughed before this?" she wondered, even as her hand  
still stroked his bare skin.

He hummed softly, his eyes closed in  blissful enjoyment of the feelings she 
invoked.  "I am not the most  expressive of men.  But yes I have laughed 
before.  Diel has managed  to make me laugh at times.  Twice, I believe."  
you, my lady, I  will laugh easily.  You inspire merriment in me~~
~~You are very expressive.  It's just not the same as what people are  used 
to.  Still waters run deep after all~~  "I want to see him  provoke that in you 
then.  It might be all I can do to not laugh myself  then," she said 
brightly, still caressing his skin.

"The very first time  was when he tried to dance a tango," he mused, smiling 
at the memory.  "My  friend has perfect rhythm when it comes to his tribal 
dances but the Latin beat  just does not suit his style."  ~~Do not stop, 
Awapuhi~~ he groaned  happily.
~~I'll see about that~~She smiled slyly at him as her hand brushed across  
his belly then lower.  "I want to teach you hula one day.   Completely 
rhythm ."

Letting out a very faint hiss, he arched  toward her hand.  Total bliss 
crossed his face as she touched him.   "Teach me anything, k'diwa..."
Fingers curled delicately around him, stroking his length lightly.   ~~The 
first and most important thing is that there is no shame in this, no shame  in 
enjoying that which is between a man and his wife~~

He drew a  shuddering breath, his cheeks tingeing slightly with a cross 
between lust and  embarrassment.  Reaching down, he stilled her hand then drew 
to lay on  his chest.  "I was not ashamed of you, Awapuhi.  Believe me on  
this.  I was ashamed that you had seen it, seen me when I was purely an  
"It is simply a part of who you are, Sorrean, and I accept that  
wholeheartedly," she said as she kissed the tip of his nose.  "No joke last  
night.  You 
really are sexy."

He rolled his eyes then smirked at  her.  "That is not something many Vulcans 
aspire to, you  know."

Laughing again, she hugged him tightly then kissed his cheek.  "You're  funny 
and you know you did that on purpose," she said, her eyes shining.   Her arms 
still around him, she snuggled closer.  "And what other dreams do  you have, 
my sexy and funny man?"

"My dreams..." he sighed as he cuddled  her to his chest, stroking her hair 
softly.  "I would have aspired to  kolinahr," he told her.  "But now I know 
that is something I am not strong  enough for."
"And you can't because of....this?" she asked, sighing softly at his  touch.

"Because I hold too much passion," he said softly as he let his  fingers 
drift to her waist then lower to brush over the soft hair.  "I  enjoy this too 

"Mmm..that's not a bad thing," she purred, shifting slightly.  ~~There  is no 
shame in this, Sorrean.~~

~~I know.  Please do not mistake my  loss of one dream for regret~~  His 
fingers became more insistent, sliding  gently inside her.  ~~I regret 
She let out a soft hiss, arching her back slightly to give him more  room.  
She might have thought that  she was too sated, too tired,  after his passions 
the night before but she found that she was than willing and  ready for his 
attention.  ~~I'm glad.~~

With gentle strokes, he  tickled inside her, breathing in her scent and 
enjoying her reactions.  ~~I  am in love with you, Awapuhi~~ he told her 
If he were any other man, she would have doubted that but what she felt in  
his thoughts matched his words.  She felt that love in her thoughts.   ~~I feel 
it~~ she said joyfully even as she moaned at his attentions.

"So  you should," he almost purred as he leaned down to kiss her lips 
tenderly even  as he increased the strength of his tickling.

Her hands clutching at his shoulders, she cried out with total abandon as  
his touch brought her, yet again, to a peak.  "Oh, don't stop!"   ~~Please 
don't.  I need you.~~

He eased his movements as her body  shook against his then finally stopped 
them.  ~~I am here for you  forever~~  "I have to stop sometime," he mused, 
stroking her side.  "I  doubt Diel would appreciate this on his Bridge."

Her breath still shuddering from the intensity of the after effects, Awa  
kissed him softly.  ~~That was wonderful.~~  "You doubt it and I know  it.  I 
doubt exhibitionism is in either of our futures."

His cheeks  coloured at even the thought of it.  ~~Please, never?  I am 
sorry,  Awapuhi, but you are mine to have in private, not for the whole world 
see at  any level~~
~~Aside from the fact that it would give my mother a stroke, I would never  
do that to you.  I respect you too much and you've already said you would  show 
me your love when we are alone.~~

~~Thank you~~  He let out a  sigh of relief as he cuddled her to his side.  
"I do fear that you will  resent me at times."

Chuckling at his obvious relief, she playfully mussed his hair more than it  
already was.  "I might but it will be my own fault for not remembering what  
we've promised.  I ask forgiveness in advance."

"Given with ease and  pleasure."  He kissed her forehead then breathed in the 
scent of her  hair.  "Will you promise to tell me of those times?"
"You smell good, Sorrean," she whispered.  ~~I will.  You deserve  that 

~~Thank you~~  "Thank you for  you."

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