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Check out this interesting opportunity;

Greetings to all,

Wow! It seems like yesterday that I contacted Leonardo with my idea to go to 
Cuba with a fun group of people. 5 months have flown by and we are down to the 
home stretch. In the meantime, I contacted most of you in one way or another 
and felt that there was interest on your part. I had a long chat with Leonardo 
yesterday and he too is excited about us traveling to his beloved homeland. As 
of yesterday, he said-..."there are 400 US citizens in Cuba [with Cuba 
Explorers] as we speak."

He highly recommends that everyone read the section on US citizen travel to 
Cuba. We will travel under one of the licenses required and abide by the rules 
and regulations of his company. They will assist us in every facet of trip 
preparation answering any and all questions. For those who will travel-we will 
meet to prepare and write the letters, etc.

Finally, visit the website:  www.cubaexplorer.com<http://www.cubaexplorer.com/> 
our trip is July 7-14, 2012. When you reply mention that you are with Henry 
Padrón. I have no doubt that we will meet the group number of 16 in order to 
get the rate that is quoted. The cost quoted does not include the air cost 
which he predicts will go down from the current +/- $800 r/trip cost. So, 
calculate that it is  about $2,300 based on dbl. occupancy, and $250 more if 
you prefer a single room. We will also need to get from here to Toronto and 
probably stay at an airport hotel in order to ensure that we are on time for 
the flight. This will be discussed in more detail at the meeting. When I went 
to Cuba we drove and stayed one night at a hotel that offers two weeks of free 
parking with a minimum one night stay, and shuttle to and from the airport. We 
can carpool or get a small bus. I prefer carpool.

You will notice other dates for trips in the website. Each of those is a group 
rate that is being spearheaded by an individual like myself. Lonardo mentioned 
a realtor from Puerto Rico who just returned from a trip only to become a group 
leader for an up-coming trip with her colleagues.

It is my goal to take a group of youth from Rochester to Cuba in the next two 
years. Anyone interested in talking aout this, let me know. It will be a 
wonderful experience and challenge for us to creatively learn about our 
history, and fundraise to cover costs. A real-world experience!!!

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I tried the link this time and it works.


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