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fyi-- positions in albany 
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A friend of mine works for the Commisioner of Education in Albany and just 
received a lot of Race to the Top Money which she is looking to use. Here are a 
few positions that are in Albany and might be of interest to the smart and 
active folks on this listserv. 

I asked her if she had heard of the Regional School and though she hadn't, she 
said that she'd give it a charter (they have 100 or so to charter now). Is this 
of interest to the group? 

Gena Merliss 

You had mentioned that you might have some people interested in the school 
turnaround work here and the head of the charter schools office... Attached to 
this e-mail are some HR related information materials: 

    • the flyer for leadership positions that we have open for RttT positions 
    • a summary page of all of the positions - the school turnaround office 
descriptions start on page 3 
    • A draft working description of the head of the charter schools office 

I have also attached Mass Insight's materials on building a school turnaround 
office. We will be working with them closely to design, staff and launch this 
office - as well as provide on-going support to the staff and work over the 
next few years. 

Please let me know if you have any more questions. The link to apply to the 
school turnaround office jobs is: http://www.oms.nysed.gov/hr/listing.html 

Please pass this on to anyone who you think might be a good fit - we are taking 
resumes and letters of interest. 


Sally Bachofer 

New York State Education Department 
Office of Innovative School Models 
89 Washington Avenue 
Room 475 EBA 
Albany, New York 12234 


Jackie Bryant 
Nazareth College 
Director, Teacher Opportunity Collaboratives 

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