[regional_school] Michele Rhee...She Lies!...Kind of...Here's Why

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Howard Maffucci has his own blog now.  Interesting.  


 Rhee is back in the news.  The former chancellor of the Washington, 
D.C. school system is the leader of the new organization called Students First.

 a former superintendent of schools, it’s difficult for me to criticize a
 colleague, but I often wonder why Ms. Rhee is so wrong about education,
 disingenuous about the problems facing schools, and just plain hostile 
to public education.

 why.  It’s her background.  Her limited teaching and the absence of any
 building level administrative experience prevents her from 
understanding teaching and learning.  She doesn’t have enough experience
 as a practicing educator to develop high level instructional and 
administration understandings to help improve student achievement.

 Rhee taught school for just three years as a Teach for America recruit.
  Teach for America isn’t necessarily a bad program but participants 
generally lack sufficient classroom experience to understand how to 
teach before they begin teaching.  By the time Ms. Rhee developed better
 instructional skills, she had left the program.  That happens in many 
cases for Teach for America teachers as the program requires just a two-year 

 only does Ms. Rhee lack teaching experience, she has no building level 
experience as an assistant principal or principal. She was able to 
developed important school administrative competencies while 
“on-the-job.”  The most effective school administrators possess superior
 technical, management and human relations skills. Ms. Rhee never had 
relevant experiences to acquire those skills.  She’s a victim of her own
 ideology instead of “boots-on-the-ground” experience as a professional 

 suffers from the “I know better than anyone else because I know I do” 
mentality” instead of having superior technical and management skills in
 a school setting.  That attitude did not serve her very well as a 
school leader.

 Rhee was doomed to fail because of her inability to relate to people, 
in a people business.  This problem compounded her lack of significant, 
successful experience at various levels as an educator.  In a recent 
Newsweek article, she acknowledged her lack of human relations skills. 
 She said she didn’t do a good job reassuring teachers who were 
effective or communicate with parents effectively.  That’s not 
surprising.  People similar to Ms. Rhee typically look down on 
subordinates and really have no interest other interested parties think 
such as parents.

 for her new organization and its website, she still doesn’t get it. 
 After reviewing parts of the website, its apparent all she is capable 
of doing is providing misleading information to try to discredit 
American public education.  Just under the mission statement, the 
website states - “America's schools are failing our kids. On this point, the 
data is clear.”
  It’s the big lie. America has some of the best schools in the world. 
 It gets worse.  She uses the same tired information about comparative 
achievement levels to create the illusion of crappy schools.

 site does not indicate the strengths and many weaknesses of the 
national or international assessments used to compare achievement levels
 such as NAEP and PISA.  Her organization isn’t telling the WHOLE Truth.

 unfortunate.  Serious problems face children in urban and rural areas. 
 Many have nothing to do with school.  The problems must be addressed 
fairly with keen attention on the causes of the dysfunction in those 
settings.  Blaming schools is unfair and dishonest.  Doing that with 
horrendous human relations skills does a disservice to everyone.

That’s common sense.

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