[redwoodmen] FW: Mosaic - Destiny, the Inner Life and Outer Work, Initiation and the Awakened Self

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The Initiated Soul, the Awakened Self
An intensive two-day course with storyteller & mythologist Michael Meade
April 16th and 17th ~ SF Theological Seminary, San Anselmo,  CA
As uncertainty becomes the ruling principle of life, as 'mass mentality,'
fundamentalism and literalism dominate, the mythic sense of life waits to
re-enter the world. As the collective sense of unity collapses, the
'uniqueness' within individuals becomes the source of unifying imagination.
For, each person carries a 'hidden poetic unity' that reflects the
mysterious continuity of the world.
The story written on the walls of the soul is intended to be lived out as a
great experiment in life, as a willingness to die again and again in order
to grow. Each story involves spells and blessings, gifts and wounds,
indelible marks that reveal where the individual soul and spirit insist on
being known consciously. The exact medicines for healing the threats and
volatile divisions so characteristic of modern life lie in touching again
the hidden unity of human imagination.
In this study we will examine the life lived so far, separating what is
vital and creative from the corpses of the past, while seeking places where
the soul carries its initiations, where the self tries to awaken us further.
Each further incarnation of the soul involves descents and ascents which
necessitate a full emotional life; for the soul requires that we climb the
ladder of wisdom and descend to the depths of love.
Join us on this path of discovery where experience becomes knowledge, where
psychology encounters myth, where struggle reveals life purpose. Drawing on
traditions from many cultures, on psychology of the Old Mind, alchemical
imagination, the guiding language of dreams and life sustaining practices,
we will touch the pulse of being and work at nourishing the roots of 'living
Themes include:
Images That Open the Heart ? Trauma and Trouble: Ordeals That Made Me ? A
Little Redemption ? Walking Your Limp ? Symbolic Action, a Changed Life ?
Opening the Ego ? Difficult Road to the Center ? The Resplendent Self
For more information or to register please visit the Mosaic website at
www.mosaicvoices.org <http://www.mosaicvoices.org/> or contact the Mosaic
office at 800-233-6984.
Mosaic Multicultural Foundation
4218 1/2 SW  Alaska, Suite H
Seattle,  WA  98116
(206) 935-3665 (voice)
(206) 935-3612 (fax)
www.mosaicvoices.org <http://www.mosaicvoices.org>

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