[realmusicians] Re: windows 7 , any advantage over xp?

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  • Date: Thu, 17 Dec 2009 18:19:49 +0200

thanks alot friend; I to think of waiting a bit , then going 64-bit and investing in more ram as well.

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Hey Roy,

I just read an interesting article on this the other day. What was interesting about it is that they surveyed users and folks using Vista said, wow! what an improvement while XP users said, eh, pretty good. It's a stable release. maybe a tad quicker than XP, maybe not. hard to tell. So XP users concluded that there was no real compelling reason to upgrade were they considering it now that they've done so. The biggest thing is getting driver support for everything. And that means everything within and without of your system. So, personally? I'd give it time to mature and wait to see if there is any real benefit to doing so. And unless your system is fairly new they said you should run a utility from Microsoft that will check all your system components to see if any core drivers need updating before installing Windows 7.


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Subject: [realmusicians] windows 7 , any advantage over xp?

hi listers
to all windows 7 32 bit users;
any significant improvements over xp 32-bit regarding the OS , screen-readers , and music applications in terms of speed , stability , etc?
don't want to stray too off-topic here , so you may answer privately.
just want to make sure it's the right investment before forking over 200 bucks on the ultimate edition.
thanks alot and all the very best

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