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  • From: Tom Kingston <tom.kingston@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2011 12:07:36 -0500

Thanks for the kind words. I hope mine worked.

On 11/14/2011 11:30 AM, Indigo wrote:
Thanks, Tom, been missing your wisdom and common sense.
Indigo L

On 11/14/2011 11:04 AM, Tom Kingston wrote:
Hey Indigo,

Nice to E you.

Open the control panel and route your mouse to the top of the window.
Go down a couple lines until you see: View by small icons.
If it's not small icons left click whatever it is and a context menu
will appear. Select small icons and everything should become a link and
you should be able to navigate by letter.


On 11/14/2011 10:21 AM, Indigo wrote:
Hi folks,
It's great to be where folks know Winize, and can offer tips
I'm wondering why I'm getting wonderful stability with Winize 7.5.1 and
Windows 7 64,on my new Intel music machine, but don't get any jumping to
items in the control panel when I hit the first letter of the control
panel item's name.
I don't ever remember that feature missing anywhere in Win7, or remember
anywhere to turn it off or on.
Wow, Windows sure is a peculiar beast, ain't it?
When I'm burned out and ready to shut down, this other machine, AMD
Phenom based; usually offers sleep as a choice.
Recently it changed to hibernate instead of sleep, then reverted back to
sleep the next day.
I sometimes think the old science fiction plot that computers would
eventually get personalities and ideas of their own may be coming about
already. smile.
Indigo L

On 11/14/2011 6:58 AM, Chris Belle wrote:
Welcoming Indigo to our little assorted motley crew 'grin'.

It's a very friendly and highly motivated and productive group over

You'll have plenty of window-eyes company too, since Ross, tom, and
Roy, Eddy, and Megan all use window-eys.

Definitely not a jaws dominated list.

We've been
discussing operating systems, reason, omnisphere, and everything else.

I hope you stick around because your in to about everything,
maybe you could give my wife some pointers on flute since you play

She's getting the hang of it,
and perhaps I can help you out with some stuf too.

I just want to do it all in one place.

I'll address some of your issues here about your networking concerns so
everyone can benefit, and there is a systems builder here, DJX is quite
knowledgeable about these things, and we haven't found a good tool to
measure Tom's iq yet 'grin'.

But even though it's sort of the cardinal rule not to put your music
machine on line, you can disable your network at any time, in xp

go to control pannel, and network connections, and local area
connections, hit the file menu and it's a togggle in there.

with w7, I forget the exact procedure right now, but if you type
in the search box, you'll probably find it.

Everyone here is running w7 now, I'm the old die hard
who's still holding out, but the old saying, if it ain't broke, don't
fix it.

Let's see if the next incarnation of window-eyes is more stable with

but if you don't go browsing and doing unnecessary email
and other junk on your music machine, it's not the worst thing in the
world to have it on-line.

YOu need to get a router, so you can have multiple machine on line, and
that will help you be more protected too.

Just using nat itself offers a little protection, and many routers have
firewalls and dmz and also, I don't know if this works for w7, but I
something called drop my rights, written by microsoft or an ex employee
or something, and wha that does is that anything you run through it
makes you not an administrator, that's how lots of these grubbies get
in, because with xp,
people went surfing as an administrator, i run ie and firefox and
whatever with diminished rights and we have not had any trouble since I
did that.

w7 of course has beefed up security, but whatever you do, don't run
ie 9
it's not ready yet.

Also as you know, imaging your system is very important,
so you can return to a good known state.

so before you do anything really important, I'd highly recommend that.

Image for windows dos and linux from terrabyte is the best and most
accessible with the most options for us, and is recommended by the
school I forget who sponsors i, Stephie could tell you, but it's yeh
sisco, that the one, but they use that and I can tell you it has saved
my but more times than I could remember.

If you spring for a speech synth, tom and I both like to run one,
granted, it's an investment, but if you do, you will have independance
with doing your own back-ups interactively.

It's the only way to fly when your blind 'grin'.

for those machines that don't have a com pot, you can use the linux
versiion to ssh in via a network cable and control things that way, i
haven't done this yet, but i know it can be done.

Other blind folks are doing it.

But as long as they've got serial port headers on motherboards, and we
don't have talking installs like they do on the mac, you won't catch me
buying a machine without one.

There's also something called the weasel, which I'm poanning on
which gives us access to the bios.

YOu don't have any pci slots though, and I don't think there's a pci
express version yet.

It's about 3 bills, I saw it demonstrated in one of the cavvy classes I
audited, and it's great.

I don't build systems as often as djx does, but I do just enough of it
that at some point, it might warrant me getting something like this.

It'll certainly help with configuring machines, and the most important
stuff happens in the bios, like turning off that pesky real-tech card,
or turning off real time event monitoring, or putting your machine in
ahci mode turned off.

or changing your boot record, or adjusting video memory if you have to
share, and adjusting cpu throtling, that's important when configuring a

YOu ant to turn off all these power savin things that might cripple
machine and raise your dpc latency.

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