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Great for ambiant icing and maybe a loop or layer or special effects type thing, but not so good for bread and butter stuff.

I have found a few things I like though, but for my every-day stuff for my country and southern gospel folks, I find the hypersonic 2 works better, and I need more stock drums that aren't so ambiant and better pianos.

Still, when I want something kind of spacey sounding or a loop or something unusual it sometimes fits the bill.

One can never have too many tools 'grin'.

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I always have Dimension Pro on my system.  It's a cool cynthe!

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Well, after working with sd2 and 3 both on both jaws and window-eyes
fronts for a
few days, I've come to the conclusion that sd2 is a bit of a hog, it
actually stops my machine believe it or not, but sd3 plays nicely.

Atleast today when I was running dimension pro with sd2 it kept
halting the system, but when I loaded up sd3 they worked together just fine.

Go figure.

I usually don't have dimension pro on my system, am not a huge fan of
it, but I put it on to do some testing, and there are a few things I
like in there.

well, you just never know about this junk.

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