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  • From: Chris Belle <cb1963@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 09:21:34 -0500

The great thing about ifd is that you don't have to use their boot cd, but can boot with any device and just run the image.exe executable and work interactively with it.

On the older version, you don't need any other files present, I think with the newer one, you need your license file or some such in the same directory, but basically just slap your own custom boot disk together how you like it with your utilities you like, and put image.exe on it, and; your good to go.

Oh yeh, don't forget vocal-eyes 'grin'.

YOu can run these with batch files too.

I think the older version is a bit more accessible, supprise supprise 'grin',
but the newer stuff is definitely still more accessible than the other stuff out there, acronus and such.

If sonica did your machine with ahci mode disabbled, good for us for installs and such, then you should be good to go with ide immulation I use a standard cdrom driver to access my drives, lnidecd.sys or some such an old liteon driver but oakcdrom.sys will probably work too.

If you let it make bootable media for you, then it uses a different file format and you can't access the images directly, but the nice thing of course about doing it interactively is that you can just park images on a drive somewhere and get at them in dos to restore when a bug rears it's nasty head.

Don't hesitate to call when you get ready to do this, I'll help all I can.

At 07:17 AM 10/13/2009, you wrote:
Yeah, you're probably right, Chris. I've always been real good about backing up all my data frequently but pretty lax when it comes to system backups. I just bought image for windows and should probably have a sightling do a clean install then start stacking up the backup images. I would be curious to know how you get Vocal-Eyes running on the DOS boot CD it creates when you want to do a restore. I haven't done one yet so I don't know if it allows us to leave the CD open and just add it. Otherwise, any help would be greatly appreciated. I wish now I had coughed a little harder for Sonica's ultra system with the C-drive in a swappable bay. That would have been nice.


----- Original Message ----- From: "Chris Belle" <cb1963@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I've never have trouble getting 7 and 8 and I believe 9 to work together on the same system.

What tends to happen is that the plug-ins tend to lean toward the latest installed, I never really looked super close, but I have noticed some anomalies.

Like when installing only version 7, the help blurb that pops up for each control at the bottom of the screen when you press f1 doesn't pop up, and it only shows after installing 8 along with it.

But it seems that this problem went away after installing dot net framework, so it's anybody's guess.

right now I only have 7 installed, because I never could get the preview function to work right with 8 plus with 8 changing sound cards and such and the interface to get around their blasted classic windows audio versus their asio support is really a pain in the hind end, so I gave up on it.

I only had nine on the system briefly, but there seemed to be no real conflict between versions that I recall.

Porting your setfiles over to 7 is coming along nicely though, I probably didn't do as good a job as you could have, but the results ain't too bad if I say so myself 'grin'.

The only plug that's given me trouble is the delay one, no matter what I do, I can't get the hyperactive windows to trigger on certain controls.

well, this kind of senario is when I whip out my trusty imaging program and make separate images and installs for special work so I can really keep things separated.

One of these days when you get time, I'll have to pay back all your kindness and hard work you've done for us by sitting down with you and stepping you through the redneck Chris Belle school of blind man's multi-strategy back-up methodology, because as much system level work as you do, you really need it.

That's my primitive way of getting around so many pot-holes in windows, when something get's hosed, I just image 'grin'.

And then break it again and hopefully learn something along the way to not break it hehehahae.

At 03:55 AM 10/12/2009, you wrote:
Hey Chris?

Haven't you run multiple versions of SF on your system? I tried installing 8 to look in to this problem for you and everything went wacko. When I uninstalled it 9 was still messed up. So I had to uninstall that as well and start over. Then I tried creating another user account and installing 8 within that one and 9 within the other. Same result. SF seems to install for all users no matter what I do even though the setup and installation paths are different. I even changed the "shared plug-ins" path to be within each program folder and placed the impulses within them as well.

Any suggestions on how to get more than one version of this bloody program workable on one machine would be greatly appreciated.

If all else fails I might try installing 9 and 10 on my other machine because I can tell by programmatically digging down through the interface that 9 was a major re-write from 8 and 10 is simply an upgrade of that.

----- Original Message ----- From: "Chris Belle" <cb1963@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hey Tom,
We have a budding window-eyes user my fine student Eddie who is learning to record his libraries of tapes and such just got him a lexicon alpha, a nice simple usb interface for his fast laptop, it's a dual core machine.

I've banged on Doug long enough, I'm re-doing those setfiles to work with 7.

Now I've got a question for you.

And this is reaching way back, so if you can't remember, it's ok, you've probably been to pluto and back twice by now 'grin'.

but you usually follow a very logical programming patern and I see it over and over in these setfiles, hyperactive windows trigering user windows to activate and do a certain action, this is in the plug-in windows.

Now, I saw a departure in the sf7delay.000 setfile, and you referenced something called the delay editor, but the hyperactive window actually triggered something else.

Is there a delay editor ie another section in there where we can do stuff?

Because the actual field which is next is mod rate, and for the life of me, I can't get that hyperactive window to focus on that field, it won't trigger, and I've tried all the tricks.

So far on all the other setfiles, I've had to move windows around a bit, and assign some text strings in hyperactive windows for some controls that just won't talk even when you activate a window around them, this is some of the stuff that got broken between 6.1 and 7 yikes.
So what does the programming master say?

YOu may not even have a way to mess with 7 anymore, but the reason I like 7 is that it doesn't depend on dot net framework, and doesn't have that bug in it with the stopping of loop preview which never worked right on sf8 for me.

And they pulled the rug out from under you with 9 so, we need to get one version really working right atleast, or be chasing our tails forever 'grin'.

Now, back to this mis-behaving field I can't pin down with a hyperactive window in the delay, it's the multi-tap delay window.

I could use a field name, but
you can't do anything with that like activate a window or such.

So any ideas?

In this plug-in the hyperactive window c is triggering the wet out and the very next one is for mod rate. I can see the tag for the mod rate, and usually either lining up the window with twice presses of the f5 and f6 will find the cordinates, or going a bit above and to the left or right depending on whether your defining a top or bottom cordinate can fix the problem but this one won't work.

I can make a user window to track the value of the slider for the mod rate.
But not for the hyperactive window to trigger it.

Help, help 'grin'.

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