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here here, I've had the same problems on this end to. Like I said I'm new to this whole tech thing. Infact I almost didn't say anything. I often here songs that have the drum mix to low for me and here is a track where I can plainly here the drums and I have to go and say something. (grin) And to top it all off I'm a drummer myself. lol Hey speeking of drums. would anyone know what it would take to start a drum studio? Like gear and cost? (scared) lol ----- Original Message ----- From: "joe" <mail@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

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lol, I think I got carried away with myself when mixing, I loved the snare and simbols maybe too much and so it's a very drum heavy mix, I remember thinking after how the vocal was to quiet but the band seemed pleased and I'd ran out of time to remix.
I would say another thing I should've worked at more was the kick drum.

I find with mixing you can never have enough time, or, maybe i'm jusdt slow, I hate having that pressure when the band are more or less standing over you watching the clock.
I agree with tom totally about letting each instrument find it's place.
Panning is a good one, but also think about what frequencies the instrument in question occupies and then see about cutting out the unnecessary freqs, fx can be used as subtile ways to create the illution of depth and distance, e.g. reverb or chorus. then look at the whole picture again, is it too bright too dull, is it doing what it should in terms of what style of music it is. Then if your lucky you should have a mix that's heading in the right direction, but sometimes it's down to the way the instruments were recorded I've had mixes that seem to mix themselfves and others that never sounded great what ever I did.
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Hey, like the song. If I was to nit pick something I would probably say the drums are a little loud mainly the hats and cymbals. it might be the speekers I'm using. Also I'm new to this whole thing. I'm just a drummer trying to go engineer.
Take care
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Hey Joe,

Sounds good to me. The only thing I would nitpick on, and this is just my personal preference, would be, as others have said, put a little more cut through presence on the vocal. I'd probably also try to give it a little more air and space; that which we usually lose due to compression. But again, it's all a matter of the sound you, and more importantly, your client likes.

Great job!

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   Hi guys,
here's a link to a tune we did in the studio some time last year, I know its a bit heavy, but i'm pleased with the result.
Critisism is welcome by the way!
have a listen,


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