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Hay, that was nice. Very good sound and everything. I really enjoy it.
I think your voice sounds different when you sing. <smile>


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I did this for my wife, she loves gentle love balads  and this old
John Denver tune is one of her favorites.

This is one of my first recordings with sonar 8.5.2

I love simple acoustic folk music uncomplicated and clean sometimes,
and for you guys who like this sort of thing enjoy,

I didn't use antares, or any really high tech glitz on this thing,
just a little comp and eq and a couple of dynamic microphones, all
tracked at the same time, one mic audix i5 on guitar,  beta 58  on mouth.

Guitar mic was on the hot-spot of the guitar near the bridge, my old
beat up acoustic I've had since high-school, old and dingged  up like
yours truly but still singing 'grin'.

I love her best worn out fret board and dodgy machine heads and all.

Then I put the bass down and piano, which is true pianos that came with sonar.

Bass came from steinberg hypersonic2.

All the comp and mastering plugs are sonar native ones.



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