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there's afew. 
acoustica.com make a thing called pianissimo. is quite good as is relatively 
good sound for only $90. and is a small sample size. 

also is truepianos. also pianoteq. 

these are smallish ones in sample size and i think reasonable prices. 
I thought the pianissimo was surprisingly good sound for the money, but I mean 
considering it's costs. But of course subjectively there are far better 
sounding ones around.
depends what type of music you're doing, is best to listen to them. they will 
all sound different and find one who's sound appeals to you. 

Is also the grand3 by steinberg. is very nice. is actually 5 pianos in total. 
is 3 different grand pianos, an upright and a yamaha electric piano. 
Is a very nice sounding piano but may be too over the top for you in size and 
or price. 

I know the grand 3 is current, but I haven't checked these others for a while 
so they may be still there or disappeared.

Was another mob called absolute pianos, but i think he was more specialized. 
you could also google soft synth piano or similar and i'm sure a hole bunch 
will come up. 
There's a lot of rubbishy pianos out there, but i'm sure you'll find something 
you like. 


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  can anyone tell me the name of a good piano soft synth?  I would like a good 
guitar one also.  

  Thanks guys

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