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I downloaded the trial of the sonivox drums today, but didn't get further than the first default drum-kit, couldn't figure out how to get more presets, maybe there's only one in the trial, I clicked around on the plugin window but didn't get anywhere.

But the drums I triggered sounded nice.

At 04:06 PM 12/7/2009, you wrote:
Well with sd2 you can alter each part of the set, depending on what sets you have, and there are many expansions for it. It sounds very cool/authentic, with multiple velocities per key, also multiple cymbols and chokes, multiple hats etc...


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very playable and dynamic with lots of velocities on the kik , snare , toms , and cymbals.
they even have a very cool brush kit.
quality is very clear.
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Wow! How are those sonivox drums working out? I personally couldn't tell you if you are missing out since i haven't heard the sonivox drums. I heard they're good, not sure how good though, because I haven't heard them...


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hi listers
I've recently purchased the entire line of acoustic drum/percussion from Sonivox (former Sonic Implants) and am very much satisfied; I also have Jamstix 1.81 , Groove Agent 3 , session drummer , and many free drum samples/sound fonts. since I don't want to waste money and clutter up my hard drives , do I miss out on not having the Superior Drummer line of products?
thanks alot

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