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Thanks Gudrun,

Oh but I do qualify. At least in one twisted narcissistic mind. But that's okay. I'll leave him be in his self-destructive isolation booth.


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Sorry, Tom, you don't qualify.

At 08:43 PM 10/6/2009, you wrote:
Good question. To me it was the most disgusting display of complete lack of respect for other human beings I've ever experienced. And I wasn't born yesterday.

Tom, the spiritual rapist.

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Actually, I read a lot of the posts and was much displeased and disgusted, and really had to resist my urges to ask a question that I'll now ask here, "What is a spiritual rapist?????????????" Cuz I go to Church, my studio is
strictly christian, I play in like a thousand christian bands as well as
lead worship in my church, not to mention another thousand things I do in
ministry... I don't go around talking about all of this, and it's something that not many people would figure from my posts, but I'm just saying, I want to make sure I'm not spiritually raping anyone! Any takers? I might even put the definition that seems the most pleasing to me in the urban dictionary...
Lol... That disrespect was another one of those things that completely
kicked me off the list... Respect everyone and their views on 1 hand, yet
call somebody a spiritual rapist on the other...man! But anyways, I'm done
with this 1, just had to ask my question... Lol...

Eagerly Awaiting an anser, D!J!X! J/K

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Hey DLH,

Welcome aboard.

I don't want to harp on this subject on this list, but I didn't find it
laughable or a simple case of someone going overboard after being called a spiritual rapist, emotional molester, said to be accosting him, and having him call the death of a friend religious propaganda. To me at least, he went
way beyond the bounds of being a decent human being. He's truly blind to
this world as well as himself and I feel sorry for him. An argument is one thing. I'll duke it out all day long. But that wasn't an argument. I stayed very cool through the entire thread while he was like a wild animal lunging at my throat and conveniently ignoring his own contradictions to himself. It was a good reflection of one sad aspect of the internet. Most of these folks would never have the gall to say such things were we face to face. But that
goes with the territory I guess.


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From: "DLH" <dheilman1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Tom,

<Slight laugh>    Aw, the Midi Mag list wasn't that bad.  I once was the
moderator of a Religion board for about two or three years.  We had Good
Christians, reactionary Christians, Foolish Christians, and then we had
boat loads of Witches, Pagans, Atheists, Agnostics, Taoists, Buddhists,
loads of Homosexuals,  and  a lot of others I've forgotten, oh, and one

It was a very lively group and we would easily have 50 to 200 posts per 24

hour period.

There were several times when the fur would really fly fast and furious.
I thought the Midi Mag up roar was about a 6 on a scale from one to ten.

As in all groups, there are the few that just like to stir things up, just

to see the fur fly as entertainment.

Sadly, and unfortunately, the group that I had the most difficult time
with was not the  Witches, Pagans, Atheists, Agnostics,  Taoists,
Buddhists, Homosexuals,  or the one Satanist.

Many times, the wrong words are said at the wrong time.

But, I digress here into a topic that has nothing to do with being a real
musician, and it is not my wish to cause another distraction from music
and playing it.

In fact, I apologize for saying too much already.

I probably should have sat on my hands again, but I didn't.

Dave H.

At 08:26 AM 10/6/2009, you wrote:
All I can say, Steph, is Wow! I've been on that list for, I don't know,
somewhere between 15 and 20 years and I've never seen it totally
self-destruct like this. It's really pretty sad.


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Hi there.  I can just imagine and love to hear anything you do.  Very
talented you are.

Well I've been booted off that list now lol.

At 11:14 PM 10/5/2009 -0700, you wrote:
Glad to be here. Climate seems a lot more sunny. Took a quick look at the archive--before it has had a chance to grow to 16,547 messages... I
tried to open that server for Teamtalk, but that was perhaps not the
right thing to do, for my system said that "internet Explorer cannot
open this server" or some such thing.

Anyway, just came home from choir practice. We're getting ready for
Christmas and are doing Carols, some in tricky arrangements.  One of
them is "Deck the Hall" arranged by David Wilcox in a fugue-like
counterpoint. I've almost gotten two thirds of it--no recording of that,

though, anywhere on the net.

I'm also working on a presentation of "rounds, catches, and glees". That

will be presented by me, and I'll have ten or so singers to help me
demonstrate the various types of rounds, and we'll have some easy ones for audience participation. Preparing audio files and collecting sheet
music, and making copies, and burning CD's  for that has been pretty
intense. I've been recording the parts separately and together, so
people can learn on their own as well as during our rehearsals. We have
until Nov 7 to get it ready to perform.

Then, there's always the weekly radio show. For a while, I've been
taking it easy and aired a series I found on the net--Doctor Jekyll and
Mr. Hyde. Great adaptation by Betty Robertson, and she's turned that
short story into 53 15-minute episodes. It's saved my life since I got back from vacation. All I've had to do is use a bit of EQ to fix some
fuzzy passages (vintage sound files, you know), some normalization or
volume fixes by hand, edit out all these intro and outtros between the
episodes and make one hour-long one for each Sunday night.

Rob, my partner, also does his own Sunday night show, so we have had to
turn our sitting-room into a part studio for him, so we don't get in
each other's hair.

That's more than you wanted to hear from me, but cheers, and looking
forward to a fun-filled cruise. Maybe I'll finally get up the nerve and submit something--I've actually composed an adaptation of "Six Days on
the Road" based on our traumatic vehicle almost breakdown at several
stages during our trip home from music camp this August...


At 09:02 PM 10/5/2009, you wrote:
The most graceous and sweet natured and creative lady Gudrun has just
climbed aboard.

Welcome my dear.

We've got some nice goodies here like web archives, and a voice chat
server that we're working on, it's up and running now but we're not
through with it yet.

It's a teamtalk server and the host name is

pw is

You can get the software over at

I'm going to compile all this useful info in to the welcome message
soon, we've only been up a couple days so hang tight, we'll have fun
and resurrect the old spirit of love and acceptance which used to be
over at you know where 'grin'.

I think Ross mcgregor will come over here, and I just invited DJX,
we'll see what happens.

Enjoy and I know your over there probably doing 10 things at once

The printers came today and left Julie's inserts, wow you know what
those guys did?

they gave us more inserts and cut the price in half.

Image maker is truly a great company to work with here to do printing,
they don't have cd printing yet, I been bugging them about that, but
they do very nice inserts and anything else, and they make it easy for
blind folks, knotching corners and such and hand deliver stuff.

There a christian run company, they're actually the print shot for St.
Francis Hospital I believe, but they do out of shop stuff too.

They're pricing and service is just so good, I almost just don't mind
not having the direct on cd printing, but I'd like to find a good
option for that at some point, thermal printing seems to be the
cheapest and most practical but you know, it's the whole sighted thing,

we'll eat that elephant when the demand gets great enough, but so far,
so good.

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