[realmusicians] Re: Running Winize 7.5.2, god Help Me?

  • From: Chris Belle <cb1963@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2011 13:19:20 -0600

I don't have system restore running all the time as it's a resource hog.

It's not really the same thing as an image, only backs up certain files, it's a half assed microsoft thing no serious it person uses it.

Well, let's say would depend on it for a real backup.

At 12:14 PM 11/22/2011, you wrote:
Can't you do a system restore, back a couple of days, before all this mess hit the fan?

On 11/22/2011 1:05 PM, Chris Belle wrote:
You too huh?

Well, I lost my we 7.2 disk temporarily while the studio was being
built, so even though I owned window-eyes through 2 sma's a good friend
of mine
lent me an iso so I could enjoy the dubious pleasures of being a paying
beta tester 'grin'.

I guess that's what we are with all this software.

I've come to the conclusion that we 7.2 was pretty good especially after
the refresh, then after all the furniture was moved around it took a
nose dive again.

I didn't have the luxury of having the option to go back to 751 and use
my own copy of we.

After I found my copy burried in a box someplace, I guess I didn't
imediately rectify putting my own on all the machines,
and so, I'm out of luck.

This all happened at the time when I felt I was really treated badly by
gwmicro, booted unsarimoniously off the beta team because I stood up to
Doug because all he wanted to hear about at the time were scripting
issues, and I felt there were important issues with the core
functionallity of we not being delt with.

So i didn't feel like asking for another disk and handing over 20 bucks,
petty I know, but it really hurt at the time.

I don't care anymore, I think these access companies are all the same,
some a little better than others, but when you run a business, the
bottom line is making a living.

Doug's going to make a whole lot more money selling new copies of
window-eyes for as long as he can, and these little devices which he can
resell and not have to baby-sit too much,
and the writing's on the wall, with w8 coming out with a pretty good
narrator, the mac coming on strong, and these little screen-readers like
nvda being nearly as good as the big guys for more work a day tasks,
I think the screen-reader landscape is gonna change and the survivors
will have to do something different.

It won't be tomorrow, but
you know even fs has lowered their price for an sma, and they never do

Guess they're feeling the pinch too, so many blind folks buying macs
now, and or using the free stuff?

The cavvy course through sisco that Stephie is taking recommended nvda
over jaws or window-eyes and you would be very supprised at how good
that little reader is.

the only thing it lacks is direct pixel control of where to place the
mouse, you can't move by delta values yet, but it will read much stuff
that is silent to window-eyes, especially in windows 7.

How is it that a little free or donation supported screen reader can be
so stable and work so well, when the big guys are so troublesome?

Is it the bloat factor?

I think therecomes a time with any software when it reaches a critical
mass and then as features are piled on, and old code isn't updated or
taken out, it becomes less stable, responsive, and buggy.

And I'm no programmer, but I know enough to know how difficult and
elusive these things can be, especially with low level stuff,
and the ever changing target of how to even hook in to operating
systems, dcm, mirror drivers, ui and the whole nasty mess.

so I don't think it's malice, I think gwmicro is trying to survive, like
a friend of mine pointed out, neglect and disrespect can be mistaken for
quiet desperation.

Doug's got a payroll to make.

also, there's been a lot of personallity turn over over there it seems
to me and one of the main programmers died too right?

so, it would probably take a new programmer a lot of time to come up to
speed with what is going on rather than someone who's worked intimately
with window-eyes through it's birth and maturity and now it's cancerous
degeneration 'grin', sorry, just having a little fun, don't get too mad
at me Tom.

let's hope a little chemo therapy and prayer will bring it back and some
super smarts like you have.

Boy, I'm writing this message with jaws, and notice I'm getting no
missed typing characters which has always plagued me with window-eyes.

I know I get in a hurry and make mistakes, but I'm a pretty good typer,
if a lousy speller, but I get far more mistakes trying to type with

No matter what I do, this never went away with any of my hardware.

A friend of mine kids me that I'm using too good hardware and I need to
use amd chips as he's a fan of amd stuff, it's a friendly little thing
we do,
well, it's a wonder with all the crap that the pc world has to deal with
that any of this stuff works at all, and works as well as it does.

Hope my personal observations and candid monologue on my personal
experiences doesn't offend anyone, it sure wasn't meant to.

My wife is using jaws almost exclusively now as she's more in to the
office stuff and it's a know fact that fs has been ahead in that regard
for years, much as we wouldn't want to admit it and as much work as
gwmicro has done with special tweaks for office.

Where window-eyes still shines is exploring new apps, seeing tool tips,
and general exploration especially with the older operating systems.

When I was creating session drummer 3 hotspot clicker sets for jaws I
kept bouncing back to window-eyes to see what was under the mouse.

Jaws will do this too, but it's a bit more clunky, window-eyes mouse
navigation is more natural and immediate.

Well, if I have to make a choice, there will always be demo copies of we
around, and maybe we 8 will be the magic bean third time's the charm right?

here's hoping.

My heart always goes out to the under dog, the little company, and there
is still a little bit of that left at gwmicro,
not much, but they are marginally better to deal with than FS,
I hope all of that doesn't go away.

But it's a terrible strain to maintain kindness and patience when you've
got a zillion blind folks yammering at you,
and more and more pressure put on just a few people, and I understand
this, but we dish out our money so we can do our work, and we should
have the right to expect results.

Well, mnot only have I not gotten results, but what I had to begin with
has been lessened, and made more troublesome to use.

So what can I say?

Probably nothing more of value at this point.

blessing everyone.

At 10:5
9 AM 11/22/2011, you wrote:
It's okay Tom, problems solved.
I got a system restore back 2 days, before this disaster; so now I
have Wineyes 7.5.1 again.
I wasted time trying to install 7.5.1 on top of 7.5.2 and got a
message that some hook or the other could not be set, so lost speech
at that point, but my wife did the restore.
Thanks for your help,
Indigo L

On 11/22/2011 9:19 AM, Tom Kingston wrote:
Make sure Show advanced options is on under the help menu. Open the
keyboard node and cursor down once to the voice node. Then tab once for
the speak options.

I've never had any problem with the backspace key.

I just tried Ctrl-Shift-R and got the same result as you. I never
noticed because I've never used it in a composition window before.


On 11/22/2011 8:30 AM, Indigo wrote:
I just looked in the control panel, and that old setting of speak
characters, or whole words as you type seems not to be there any more.
Next I'm going to get off the thunderbird.000 set file, because it
be a new one they developed for 7.5.2; and not the one I had developed
myself in 7.5.1.
I do notice small improvements in thunderbird, the backspace is more
reliable, but the old read to end shortcut control+shift+R now only
reads the single sentence I'm on, and not to the end, as before..
I wish I could type that blithring idiot noise the Three Stooges used,
you know, where you make a noise with your mouth as youflip across your
lips with a finger.
that's how I feel typing in this madness! smile.
Indigo L

On 11/21/2011 1:59 PM, Roy Shtupler wrote:
maybe it's something to do with keyboard settings; will further look.
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Nope, Roy.
Same double repeating with and without apps running.
It's not just speaking the character I just typed, or the word, but
the sentence I'm typing, cumulatively, from the first word to the
cursor position, instantly the very nanosecond I pause typing.
Where is the setting to turn off speaking of typed words in the W E
control panel, do you know?
I used to know, but can't find it in this wonderful tree view control
Indigo L.

On 11/21/2011 12:03 PM, Roy Shtupler wrote:
does it have a script for ThunderBird?
if so , when setting the scripting status to Manual , does this go
----- Original Message ----- From: "Indigo" <33indigo@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: <realmusicians@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Monday, November 21, 2011 6:48 PM
Subject: [realmusicians] Running Winize 7.5.2, god Help Me?

Okay, here I am in the first moments with the new Winize 7.5.2
upgrade, and it's utter chaos in my Thunderbird.
It is reading every line twice immediately after I type even a
character, never did that before.
I feel like I'm in some huge cave, with an echo repeating every
I say!
When I pressed the enter key to begin the upgrade, I felt just
like I
do at the doctors, beginning some procedure that could either take
disease away or take my life, and all I can do is submit. smile.
Now I gotta go into the tree structure of the once easy Winize
panel and try to find a setting that will shut down this maddening
double echo
One thing about hearing everything twice, I sure have no doubt
what I've written. smile.
I don't know whether to laugh or cry!
Indigo L

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For all your audio production needs and technology training, visit us at

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