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Hi Ramy,

Well, if you're getting that message constantly with the slightest movement of the system I'd call whoever you purchased it from and ask about it. I mean, let's say you're recording a band with the laptop sitting on a table. Is it so sensitive that the drive head is going to continually be parked due to the vibration the audio creates? I'm sure there's a data buffer to temporarily store data to be written, but I don't know if this vibration detector firing constantly is going to get the system to the point where that buffer has overflowed.

D!J!X! gave the scoop on keeping your battery in good shape. As far as using a laptop for recording while on battery power goes, I don't imagine you'll get much battery life out of it. How long the battery lasts depends of course on how intensive the work you're doing is and recording is pretty processor intensive with a non-stop stream of data being written to the hard drive. I don't personally use a laptop for recording. So I don't really know. But on the two Sonica Labs systems I've got, both of them came out of the box with all of the power management turned off as well as Windows restore. I know Windows restore is known for deciding to do its job when it shouldn't. But I can only guess that the power management tools may have a negative effect on recording. One thing you should do though when running on battery power is turn off the built-in wireless receiver. That is of course unless you're using it.


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dear tom:

the message still shown, and don't know what can i do, is it something bad in my laptop or what? am afraid, and i think many people use their lap top in their cars, buses etc.

Also, how can i get the best battery life?
I mean what r the best things that i must do to make my battery life longer?

Ramy Moustafa
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Hi Ramy,

All that message means is that vibration was detected and the read/write head was what we call: "parked." All manufacturers have been doing this for many years now to prevent damage because the head rides only a few microns above the drive. So it wouldn't take much of a bump to make the head bump in to the drive. They're probably just trying to impress you with this old news many folks won't know is just that; old news. Although I would keep an eye on it to see how sensitive it is. That is, does this go off with the slightest movement? Not that it really matters. I don't imagine you'll be doing much work on the move. Then again, if you can't even use it while, for example, in a car, on a bus, plane, etc. I'd ask about it. This is one of the things we pay for in higher end systems; drive technology that isn't as sensitive to movement or vibration.

As far as Vista goes? It's just that the Vista OS has been demonstrated over and over again to be a considerable resource hog that slows down performance. I've read many professional reviews and comparisons that always come to the same conclusion. As a matter of fact I just read a new one the other day comparing XP, Vista, and Windows 7. The guy installed Windows 7 on several machines, new and old, and said that Windows 7 gave him back the performance of XP he had lost with Vista. The problem for music app's, and especially the system and peripherals hardware, is making sure everything is Windows 7 ready.


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ok, but what is this message please?

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You should be fine.

At 02:26 AM 10/24/2009 +0200, you wrote:

not a musical issue, \
today, i received my toshiba, u500 laptop, and its a very good one, with a vest on it.

i'm charging it now, and hope it well be good.

But just want to ask:
i got a message when Moving the laptop:
toshiba security, vibration has been dedicted, your hard disk head has been moved to a safe place.
What is this? is this something dangerous or what?

And, why vest is not good in audio working, with sonar or anything?

Thanks in advance
Ramy Moustafa
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Can you post the specs???


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hi all:
i decided to buy a toshiba lap top, and need to know if this is good or no,
i choose:
u400 20v, and u400 17s
r there good? or no? and please, tell me if they well be good with our
musical programs?

Thanks allot
Ramy Moustafa

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