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  • From: "Gudrun Brunot" <gbrunot@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2011 16:02:56 -0700

Hi all: I just sent out some information about my hot-off-the-grill CD to
Midimag, so I'm sending it to you guys as well.


I've joined everybody and his grandmother; I've produced an album. I've had
some help, too, the best! Let me quote from my own CD cover: "My heartfelt
thanks to the folks at Affordable Studio Services who cheerfully, patiently,
and skilfully applied lift, loft, and sparkle to my arrangements; to Rob for
his unfailing support and critique, sustaining cups of coffee,  and graphic
design; to my Lark friends who asked me if I had thought of producing an
album, thus providing the proverbial kick in the seat of the pants, without
which I would probably have kept procrastinating and never brought this
project to fruition."






In short, , if you feel so inclined, follow this link and check it out. 





Once you are on, search for "preview". You'll find a list of tracks. Above
each track, you'll find the label "Javascript" that you click on to sample
that selection. Below the last track, there is also a javascript to click on
if you want to hear samples of all the songs. On track 12, "The Bonnie Boy,"
Chris plays the bass.


Below that, you can read some of the album notes. Near the bottom of the
page, you can log in to write a review. 


Have fun.



Gudrun Brunot

Web: gudrunbrunot.com


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