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Hey Tom, if you own sonar 8 I believe the installer itself will instal the
64 bit version, or there's a 64bit installer on the cd, but yes it is x64
ready, and quad core ready as well! If you've got a system with at least 4gb
of ram and a good processor, take win7 x64 for a spin, you won't regret
it... MS has the RC version (free)  still available, meaning that you can
still get keys till oct 21, and since it's no longer available for download,
I can get a copy of the iso to you if you'd like, or you can download a 90
day trial of the real thing while supplies last from the springboard blog...
I have both x86 and x64 isos on my system... But the x64 world rocks and
looks very promising when it comes to speed and stability...


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Hey D!J!X!

Welcome aboard.

First question. Is Sonar 8 ready for 64 bit processing or does it require a
special 64 bit version. I'm just asking because you mentioned it and I'm too
lazy to look in the manual right now. Grin. Also, the thought of upgrading
to Windows 7 64 bit on one of my systems is rolling around in the back of my


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> Hello guys, not sure who's on here and who's not, just wanted to say hello
> and let you know that I'm onboard and will be as long as this doesn't turn
> to midimag part 2 lol...
> For those who don't know me, D!J!X! is what i go by, real name is Xavier,
> here to help in whatever i can... DJX Studios excells in anything from
> website and graphic design to music production to building/repairing
> computers and workstations! So feel free to pick my brain and i'll do my
> best to help!
> Speaking of building computers, after leaving midimag and having time to
> then do some real work :-), I had the pleasure of putting together and
> configuring a daw for a client using the i7 920 processor and the x58
> chipset on windows7 x64, man! What a joy to see sonar x64 run on that
> thing!!! Can't wait to put 1 together for myself...
> So yea, hello, hi, D!J!X! is here! lol... Looking forward to interacting
> with the family again... O yea, THX Chris and your wife for finding us 
> (real
> peoples) another home... Glad to know that I'll be able to enjoy and learn
> from Tom's informative posts once again... :-)
> Regards, D!J!X!
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