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Yeah, of course I have no idea exactly what Sonar is doing, but it may just be a simple little trick programmers can use to make things more efficient. For instance, on a 32 bit system I use a 32 bit word length for all variables which are 32 bit and lower; like simple integer math functions. The data flow will be larger but actually speed up processing because 32 bit word lengths are what the 32 bit OS and/or processor is going to use regardless. If I use smaller word lengths; like the actual size of a data type, it all has to be packaged together into 32 bit words anyway, then parsed back out in to its elements for processing and back in to 32 bit words for the return flight. so that's what adds more processor overhead and slows things down.

Hope this makes sense.

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The 64 bit processing thing you speak of is more on sonar's engine than the
processor, you can't really use pure 64 apps on an x86 processor... Even
then you can't really use x86 apps on an x64 processor without the help of a
mediator such as the wow64 protocol.
The bit bridge thing is what I want to check out, to see if it just runs x86
plugs inside sonar as 32bit plugs, meaning that the OS would have to use
something like wow64 to make it work (might cause slow downs/instabilities), or if sonar does the convertion itself and presents the plug to the OS as a
native 64bit  app (which then would depend on how good cakewalk's protocol
is to measure stability/speed).


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Well, they've got their bit bridge technology which does some kind of voodo,
I don't understand it, but they say it works.

YOU can turn on 64 bit processing even in a 32 bit environment, again, not
exactly sure what that means, but it seems to make things sound better,
bigger, etc.

So it's some sort of hybrid thing.

Maybe you can explain it to me 'grin'.

I know just enough about this stuff to be dangerous 'grin'.

At 09:14 AM 10/7/2009, you wrote:
Hmmm... So you're saying those 32 bit plug-ins won't run at all? Is
that just because they're plug-ins and Sonar has to be all or nothing?
That is, if the host is running natively in 64 bit all of the clients
must as well?


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Hey Tom, sonar has been 64 bit since version 5.

The real nut cruncher is letting all the plug-ins catch up, especially
third party ones, many of our favs just won't work in 64 bit.

Especially the dxi ones.

I understand my favorite synth hypersonic2 won't work in 64 bit yet.

But they'll get there, but what you bet lots of good stuff especially
stuff that worked for us will be orphaned.

At 08:48 PM 10/6/2009, you wrote:
Hey D!J!X!

Welcome aboard.

First question. Is Sonar 8 ready for 64 bit processing or does it
require a special 64 bit version. I'm just asking because you
mentioned it and I'm too lazy to look in the manual right now.
Grin. Also, the thought of upgrading to Windows 7 64 bit on one of my
systems is rolling around in the back of my head.


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Hello guys, not sure who's on here and who's not, just wanted to say
hello and let you know that I'm onboard and will be as long as this
doesn't turn to midimag part 2 lol...
For those who don't know me, D!J!X! is what i go by, real name is
Xavier, here to help in whatever i can... DJX Studios excells in
anything from website and graphic design to music production to
building/repairing computers and workstations! So feel free to pick
my brain and i'll do my best to help!
Speaking of building computers, after leaving midimag and having
time to then do some real work :-), I had the pleasure of putting
together and configuring a daw for a client using the i7 920
processor and the x58 chipset on windows7 x64, man! What a joy to
see sonar x64 run on that thing!!! Can't wait to put 1 together for
So yea, hello, hi, D!J!X! is here! lol... Looking forward to
interacting with the family again... O yea, THX Chris and your wife
for finding us (real
peoples) another home... Glad to know that I'll be able to enjoy and
learn from Tom's informative posts once again... :-)

Regards, D!J!X!

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