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Do those caddys, trays, hold more than 1 hard drive?
Is there a built in switch?
I'm not getting good enough descriptions of how the drive trays work from Directron. Actually, I don't at all mind installing drives inside the bays, I'd just like to have that selector switch on the faceplate.
I wonder if anybody makes that?
I suppose it's routing power to whatever drive that's selected, and routing the SATA cable to the selected drive, so the unused drive is just sitting there disconnected. It seems to me that it should be possible to do that to either interior drives or drives in a tray? The swappable trays sound nice at first impression, then I ask myself why would I want to take a drive out and what safe place am I going to put it when it's out.
Indigo L


On 11/23/2011 10:23 PM, Chris Belle wrote:
They've got new hd caddy's which will accept a bare hard-drive now,
that's a way to go and just switch on the one you wan to boot from.

At 11:28 AM 11/23/2011, you wrote:
Yeh, I think you're right, I'll just clean install XP and let it wipe
the current Win7 off the factory hard drive, and; when or if the
Samsung F3's become available again; I'll put in a couple of those for
I don't really enjoy the boot procedure stopping for anything; either
logging in; or deciding which operating system to run.
The simpler the better.
Indigo L

On 11/23/2011 12:50 AM, Chris Belle wrote:
I would prefer to give each os it's own drive.

Lots of reasons for that, because one partition is always your boot
part, and if something happens to it, everything goes down.

It's better to keep things separated but I too have done dual boot, and
even tripple boot systems.

I"ve not done a windows 7 64 bit dual boot with xp yet, but 32 bit will
sure run and I like to have an ntfs partition already for it to go to.

But xp and 32 bit w7 is easy.

And you get speech the whole time to set your options.

At 10:42 PM 11/22/2011, you wrote:
As a system builder I can tell you it is possible to dualboot xp and
win7, I
do it for my customers often!
Since you are at a clean point, meaning you can reinstall stuff,
here's what
you do:
Pop in the xp disc, when you get to the partition area, wipe the drive
(delete all partitions), then create a partition for xp of the required
size, then leave the rest empty. Go ahead and install xp.
After you're done, start the windows7 installation (from outside of
windows). When the installer passes the license, select custom, not
When it asks where to install, just select the unalocated/unpartitioned
space on the drive. Win7 will install and do its thing. When it
restarts and
is done, win7 will be the first option, then legacy OS or whatever
calls it will be the second option. That would be the XP OS.
You can install something like EasyBCD to edit the name and call it
xp or


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I want to wait for the Samsung F3 to become available again, it's on
order in many web stores, unless I pay twice the price.
Meanwhile, I want to install XP Pro on another partition on the hard
of my 64 bit Windows 7 machine.
Yes, I have XP Pro, and also XP drivers on disk from the computer
maker, and
I also checked to learn if the motherboard is XP compatible.
.Has anyone used Dual Boot Pro?
Sure, it's easy and all that, same as all sellers say, but has anyone
used it without sighted help?
Microsoft warns that you cannot go backwards; from Windows 7 already
installed to Windows XP, there's a problem with the older OS
booting files, or some such thing, so, no, you can't use the built in
boot system in Windows 7 to go back to XP.
I want real XP, not those virtual XP, or XP mode in Windows 7

So, any experience using Dual Boot Pro?

there's another way, I guess.
Besides Windows 7 64 bit, I haven't installed anything really
essential on
my new computer, nothing I don't still have the installers for.
The manufacturer, ZT Inc., supplies a full Windows 7 64 bit on disk,
plus XP
drivers, even a version of Lenux and its drivers.
Besides that, I already bought Windows 7 32 and 64 for another
machine, and
still have that disk, so I'm well fixed for Win 7.
I could just do a clean install of my XP Pro., plus drivers from the
manufacturer's disk.
If I ever decide to return to the 21st century and Windows 7, I could,
I'll bet I won't.
Comments, judicious warnings, anyone?
Indigo L

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For all your audio production needs and technology training, visit us at

or contact
Chris Belle
Stephie Belle
for customized web design

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