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It was my understanding that this was going to happen.

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> Are we worrying over nothing?  Our society as a whole runs on
> sensationalism and fear...is this issue an example?
> The text below is from:
> http://ozarksfirst.com/fulltext?nxd_id=605202
> Gov. Nixon Denounces Proposed Social Services Cuts
> By: Tim Sampson, Missouri News Horizon
> Updated: February 17, 2012
> (Jefferson City, MO) -- A Missouri House of Representatives plan to
> maintain stable higher education funding by cutting more than $65
> million from the state's
> Department of Social Services did not go over well with the governor.
> The plan, approved by a House appropriations committee on Thursday,
> would include a $28 million cut from a Medicaid program benefiting the
> blind and a $12
> million funding decrease to child care subsidies for low-income families.
> During a press conference in the state capitol on Friday, Nixon said
> that these programs were too vital to the quality of life for
> Missourians for them
> to be placed on the chopping block.
> "Cutting healthcare for the blind, prenatal care for women, services for
> people with developmental disabilities and child care for low-income
> families is
> not the way to balance Missouri's budget," Nixon said.
> But the proposal from House Republicans comes in response to Nixon's own
> proposed cuts to higher education. During his State of the State Address
> last month,
> Nixon proposed cutting $106 million, roughly 12.5 percent, from
> Missouri's two-year and four-year public colleges.
> Nixon has since proposed reducing those cuts by $40 million with funds
> awarded to the state in the recent nationwide mortgage lender
> settlement. Combined
> with the House appropriations committee's proposed social services cuts,
> this would allow the state to maintain level funding for higher
> education, which
> saw its budget already cut last year by 5 percent.
> The proposed social services cuts now head to the House budget
> committee. Missouri is currently grappling with an estimated $500
> million shortfall.
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