[real-eyes] This is of interest to those in K.C. those that use Share a fare Please pass this along

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  • Date: Mon, 21 Jul 2008 06:51:51 -0500

To all of the people that use 
Share A Fare in the K.C. area;

> To all of the people on the list 
> that live within the Kansas City 
> area and use the local para 
> transit service and go to 
> Independence ,
>    I was told today that if the 
> city of Independence dose not 
> sign on to the Share A  Fare 
> service or the bus service as 
> these are both contracted 
> services the service will end as 
> of Jan.1st, 2009. This means 
> that people that  are living 
> within the Independence area are 
> will not be eligible for this 
> service ,except for those that 
> have Medicaid coverage for 
> medical trips  thus this service 
> will not be available for most 
> of the people on this list do 
> have Blind Pension , and would 
> not qualify for this part of 
> Medicaid.
> So all of you that wish to have 
> these services with in 
> Independence  contact your city 
> councilperson or call the mayors 
> office , or anyone that you 
> think of that can speak on 
> behalf of the people that  use 
> this service.  As budgets are 
> getting titer and things are 
> being cut, the sales tax that 
> was passed only effect's the 
> City of Kansas City and I am 
> grateful for that.
> As far as this affecting the 
> people that live in the city 
> proper this  will cause the 
> price to go from the ADA rate to 
> non - ADA rate : for an example 
> a trip to a address that is 17.5 
> miles cost me $2.40 , if this 
> change takes effect the cost 
> will jump to $ 15.00 each way. I 
> know for me this would make this 
> city very much like anything 
> that is anywhere in Kansas as 
> far as within Johnson County. So 
> this will hit our wallets hard 
> and for those that live in 
> Independence you would have no 
> service to get to work.
> Terrie Arnold

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