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Sorry list didn't send this directly to David. Don't hang me. (smile)


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David, thanks for the addition of The Allied Workers of the Blind on the
community calendar.

Perhaps one other event you may want to add is an art class.

The Art Class is held at Alphapointe, 7501 Prospect on the second, and
fourth Saturday of the month. Volunteers give their time to make it possible
for those who may have an aspiration of expressing their feeling through
Any Blind or Visually impaired is welcome to attend, however transportation
is not provided. (most participants use Share a fare.)
The class is from 10:00 am until noon. 

For more information you may wish to call Clay Berry at 816-237-2048.

Thank you so much.

Shirley Brrokaw

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2003 NE Englewood Road
Kansas City, MO 64118
(81s6) 452-9113

        Every fiction writer knows the little word that makes the big story.
Every parent knows that same word plauges their mind when letting their boy
or girl hang out with friends without themin ear- or eye-shot. "If" is a
small word but makes a big difference.
        Before the Holy Spirit led Jesus into the wilderness (Matt. 4:1-11),
the Father publicly declared, "This is my beloved Son." Oh, really? The
remark was more than just a proud pat on the back. It was a public
acknowledgement that Jesus had come as God the Son from eternity in the
flesh to save you and me from our sin.
        But, Satan, the devil, wanted to change all that. He had long since
faced eternal punishment for trying to take God's throne. Now,He was in the
business of dreaming he could derail God's plan. And, he wanted to make God
come in the flesh doubt. So, as Jesus fasted and prayed forty days in the
wilderness, Satan preyed on Him with that little word, "If."
        We know the outcome. Jesus didn't give an inch in His thoughts,
words, or actions. He did not change stones to bread. He did not stage dive
off the temple's peak. He did not bend His knee to the offering of all
creation's kingdoms and Satan who claimed to own them. Why should have He?
        Jesus spoke one little word, too. "It is written." In Greek, that
little word sums up Jesus mission and ministry along with answering Satan's
challenge. Jesus had come to fulfill for you and me the Law no one could
keep. He cane, fully God and fully human, our sinless Savior. He let Satan
tempt Him to show that He already had the battle wrapped up. No one could or
would detrail His desire to deliver you and me from our inborn disobedience.
        Where our first parents, Adam and Eve, fell to the serpent's lies
and ate the forbidden fruit, Jesus showed Satan the sustenance He Himself
had given and which would uphold Him, the Word written in Holy Scripture.
Yes, Jesus is God from eternity past. Yet, become man for us, He looked to
His own Word-penned by prophets and patriarchs at His direction.
        So, Satan comes after you and me with that little Word "if". Since
He could not detour Jesus, he tries to wrench you and me away from trusting
in Jesus.
        Do these questions that plague our minds ring a bell? "If you trust
in Jesus, why are you so sick?" "If you trust in Jesus, why do you get
lonely and depressed?" "If you trust in Jesus, why aren't you steadfast in
your life's purpose instead of struggling through it?" "If you trust in
Jesus, why do you face mocking and other derisive comments that get on your
        Our Lord arms us with everything necessary to support our body and
life. He gives us our mind and reason, food and clothing, house and home,
family, friends, and all things. He sees us through misfortunes, mishaps,
and danger. Most of all, He daily and richly forgive us our sins and
promises He will return to take us who trust in Him . Through our vocations
and His Wor'd comfort, He desires we both enjoy the world He has made and
the eternal life He promises all who believe in Him.
        Through His Word, because Jesus has died and risen for us in our
place, God our Father says to us, "You are my sons." He has adopted us
through the purchase price of Jesus perfectly shed blood on our behalf.
        Jesus let Himself be tempted by Satan to show that He would not get
sidetracked from His work of saving you and me from hell. He had His heart,
eye, and face, set for Calvary long before He told Satan, "Be gone." Nothing
would get in His way of dying the death you and I by nature deserve. Nothing
would stop Him from bursting death bars and that cold, stone tomb that three
days held Him. Now, He calls, gathers, and upholds us so that we may enjoy
life both now and beyond death's door.
        Jesus was tempted for us. He resisted Satan's temptations, showing
Himself to be both God and man. He did did for us. Now He forgives us when
we fall; assures us when we are assailed; and nurtures us in His sure Word
till He comes again.

        This month, we are having Sloppy Joes with salad and a dessert to be
discovered by us all later. Our meals kick off our time together on the last
Saturday of the month. Come, join us this month on Saturday, March 26 from
12:00-2:00 PM at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, address listed at the top of
this newsletter.
        We encourage anyone blind or visually impaired in the area to come,
join us. We offer free rides to and from the meal fo the month. So, call
David Rosenkoetter at (816) 805-7333 23, to reserve a ride for yourself. If
you decide after Wednesday, call David Rosenkoetter and discuss your
transportation situation.

        This month, we will be having an open discussion on identity theft.
What makes us who are blind or visually impaired prone to identity theft?
Have we fallen victim to it? How may we safeguard ourselves against identity

        THE LUTHERAN MESSENGER FOR THE BLIND is not just for Lutherans. It
bears its name because of who publishes it. The magazine is a compilation of
original articles-feature stories, Bible studies and evotions, monthly short
story fiction, and a sample of books from the Lutheran Library for the
Blind. Like all our braille and large print magazines, it is available free
of charge when you call (888) 215-2455.

1.      CD's of previous weeks' sermons and large print and braille copies
of this newsletter will be available at our monthly meal on Saturday, March
2.      2. If you have a service or event you would like to share with the
blindness community here in Kansas City, please, call David Rosenkoetter at
(816) 805-7333 and he will mention it in THE HOLY CROSS BLIND OUTREACH
3.      3. Are you interested in what other blind and visually impaired
people nationwide are doing? Have you wondered about other groups like Holy
Cross Blind Outreach? Get your own copy of IN HIS HANDS or CONNECTIONS from
the Lutheran Library for the Blind by calling (888) 215-2455.
4.      4. Please, note that for our transportation concerns, the Share A
Fare rates will be increasing citywide beginning in May. Prices will rise to
$3.00 per rider. For more information, call the KC Area Transit Authority at
(816) 842-9070.

April 1: Allied Workers for the Blind
April 9: First Steps for the Blind
April 12: Share A Fare Review Meeting
April 16: National Federation for the Blind
April 15: Taxes are due.
April 16: Progressive Council of the Blind
April 16: Dine with Steve and Ruthie.
April 24: Easter Sunday
April 21: Blinded Veterans' meeting
April 30: Holy Cross Blind Outreach Meal of the Month

Worship at Holy Cross Lutheran Church:
Sunday mornings: 8:30 AM and 10:45 AM with Bible Class at 9:30 AM
Wednesdays worship at 7:00 PM

Now may our Lord direct our days and our deeds in His peace.

David Rosenkoetter 
Assistants: Ruby Polk and Shirley Grauel

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