[real-eyes] PC slow and footpedal issue

  • From: "Suzanne Rountree" <suzyq69@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "real-eyes" <real-eyes@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 13:36:05 -0600

Hi again.
thought the list has been too quiet so have more questions....
Here are the numbers I have but most dont' mean anything to me. 
XP home
pentium 4
processor x86
1.99 gh
256 mb ram
27.5 g free space
1.96 g virtual memory
61.9 mg available physical memory
WE version 5.1
using jaws 4.51, but have 5 and 7 demo on here.
Why would my PC be so slow?  Also, is at it's slowest after launching OE.   
when I hit insert numb pad 3 i hear something like connected to 
pop.spamviper.com, scanning mesage 1 and gives a percentage, downloading 
message 1, etc.  I am using the same ISP on this home PC as my work PC and that 
doesn't happen over there.  Just puts the blurb at the bottom of the email I 
send sayin was scanned by spam viper.  Could this be why my PC is so slow?  As 
a message is coming in my PC is useless.  Maybe an OE setting?
I don't have norton any more, just AVG for now.  I don't usually run anything 
more than two applications at once, or maybe go to google to look something up 
for work.

Even with OE not open, The footpedal stutters when I tap it to rewind.  Like 
tapping four times should back up about four seconds but when I press to play 
it stutters four times very slowly before playing again.  I am supposed to 
start new job next week and desperate to get this figured out.  Is there any 
way to get things faster without bying another PC?  I think this is a 2000 Dell 
Desperately frustrated, Suzanne
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