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OMG I just can't believe some people!  Did anyone hear that man who called 
in to voice his opinion on how capable the blind community is?  I don't 
believe that radio show was the time to do that.  Yes there are a lot of 
capable independent blind folks, but most of them still are not working.
Hugs, AJ

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> I spoke on the phone this morning with a rep from the budget Committee. 
> This person  said they didnâ?Tt yet know how he/she  was going to vote, 
> but for as many of us as possible to email our stories and concerns to 
> everyone on the budget Committee.  I listened to the KMOX am radio 
> broadcast that Robert so  wisely sent to all of us.  Very informative.  I 
> encourage you all to listen if you havenâ?Tt already.  Below is a list of 
> all Representatives on the Budget Committee and their phone numbers and 
> emails:  I researched all this yesterday and want to share this with you 
> so you have a list of who your Representative is in your area, just in 
> case you donâ?Tt know.     Here you go:
> Missouri House of Representatives Budget Committee
> (all phone numbers begin with: 573-751- and last 4 numbers will be next to 
> Representativeâ?Ts names)
> Silvey, Ryan, Chair  Phone:  5282
>      Email:  Ryan.Silvey@xxxxxxxxxxxx   county:  Clay
> Stream, Rick, Vice Chair  Phone:  4069
>     Email:  Rick.Stream@xxxxxxxxxxxx   County:  Saint Louis
> Allen, Sue  Pjhone:   9765
>     Email:  Sue.Allen@xxxxxxxxxxxx    County:  Saint louis
> Asbury, Randy  Phone:  6566
>     Email:  Randy.Asbury@xxxxxxxxxxxx    Counties:  Charlton, Randolph, 
> Macon
> Burlison, Eric  Phone:  0136
>     Email:  Eric.Burlison@xxxxxxxxxxxx    County:  Greene
> Carter, Chris  Phone:  7605
>     Email:  Chris.Carter@xxxxxxxxxxxx    County:  Saint Louis City
> Cauthorn, John  Phone:  9458
>     Email:  John.Cauthorn@xxxxxxxxxxxx    Counties;  Audrain, Calloway, 
> Monroe, boone
> Flanigan, Tom  Phone:  5458
>     Email:  Thomas.Flanigan@xxxxxxxxxxxx     County:  Jasper
> Grisamore, Jeff  Phone;  1456
>     Email:  Jeff.Grisamore@xxxxxxxxxxxx     County:  Jackson
> Guernsey, Casey4285
>     Email:  Casey.Guernsey@xxxxxxxxxxxx    Counties:  Sullivan, Mercer, 
> Gentry, Daviess, Grundy, Worth, Harrison
> Haefner, Marsha  Phone:  3762
>     Email:  Marsha.Haefner@xxxxxxxxxxxx     County:  Saint Louis
> Hoskins, Denny  Phone:  4302
>     Email:  Denny.Hoskins@xxxxxxxxxxxx    County:  Johnson
> Hough, Lincoln  Phone:  9809
>     Email:  Lincoln.Hough@xxxxxxxxxxxx    County:  Greene
> Keeney, Shelley  Phone:  5912
>     Email:  Shelley.Keeney@xxxxxxxxxxxx    Counties:  Bolinger, Madison, 
> Wayne
> Kelly, Chris  Phone:  4189
>     Email:  Chris.Kelly@xxxxxxxxxxxx     County:  Boone
> Kirkton, Jeanne  Phone:  1285
>     Email:  Jeanne.Kirkton@xxxxxxxxxxxx   County:  Saint Louis
> Lair, Mike  Phone:  2917
>      Email:  Mike.Lair@xxxxxxxxxxxx   Counties:  Clinton, Livingston, 
> Caldwell, Carroll
> Lampe, Sara  Phone:  1460
>     Email:  Sara.Lampe@xxxxxxxxxxxx    County:  Greene
> McCann Beatty, Gail  Phone:  2124
>     Email:  Gail.Beatty@xxxxxxxxxxxx    Counties:  Kansas City, Jackson
> McManus, Kevin  Phone:  9469
>     Email:  Kevin.McManus@xxxxxxxxxxxx    Counties:  Jackson,      Kansas 
> City
> Montecillo, Genise  Phone:  9472
>     Email:  Genise.Montecillo@xxxxxxxxxxxx   County: Saint Louis County, 
> Saint Louis City
> Nasheed, Jamilah  Phone:  4415
>      Email:  Jamilah.Nasheed@xxxxxxxxxxxx    County:  Saint Louis City
> Parkinson, Mark  Phone:  2949
>     Email:  Mark.Parkinson@xxxxxxxxxxxx    County:  Saint Charles
> Rizzo, John  Phone:  3310
>     Email:  John.Rizzo@xxxxxxxxxxxx    County:  Kansas City
> Sater, David  Phone:  1480
>     Email:  David.Sater@xxxxxxxxxxxx   Counties:  Stone, Barry
> Scharnhorst, Dwight  Phone:  4392
>     Email:  Dwight.Scharnhorst@xxxxxxxxxxxx        County:  Saint Louis
> Schatz, Dave  Phone:  6668
>     Email:  Dave.Schatz@xxxxxxxxxxxx   Counties:  Gasconade, Franklin, 
> Crawford
> Shively, Tom  Phone:  4065
>     Email:  Tom.Shively@xxxxxxxxxxxx    Counties:  Macon, Linn, Shelby, 
> Sullivan
> Thomson, Mike  Phone:  9465
>     Email:  Mike.Thomson@xxxxxxxxxxxx    Counties:  Holt, Worth, Atchison, 
> Nodaway
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